Dried Fruit and Broomcorn

I grew Broomcorn this past summer and it’s a really neat plant to use in crafts.  It can stand alone in a vase or with other dried flowers as a nice decoration or you can  use it in making wreaths or swags and I even attempted to make a broom with some of my harvest!  A good broom takes a lot of stalks … I believe I read 60-80 for a nice broom; I used more like 20 so it was sparse and more a decoration item.

Broomcorn in vase

 Finished broom

This past week I wanted to create a decoration using some dried fruit I had recently dehydrated and I thought the broomcorn would make a great base for the project.  I love my Excalibur dehydrator and you can read more about how I use it on a regular basis at a previous post I wrote if you are interested in owning one yourself.  Like I said I Love mine!!

 Sliced lemons

I sliced lemons, oranges and apples and added them to the dehydrator.  I gathered some cinnamon sticks, pinecones, a few red bows and, of course, the glue gun!


Pinecone wired to stalks

 Closeup of glued fruit

I assembled this in about 20 minutes – so fast and easy!  I will probably make a few more smaller versions and add them to the top of wrapped gifts this year – will add a nice touch!


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