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The Chickens all snug in the roost

Greta, Rosey & Ruby are quite content in their cozy coop considering the temperatures outside are in the single digits and with the wind chill, (which has calmed down since yesterday) it was well below zero!  This is our first year with the chickens and insulation was added all around the coop which sits inside our garage at this location and a bulb for lighting along with a mini portable heater are added to the inside……I think they are Very Happy Hens!  They do so want to roam and do some free ranging but they have no idea how bitter cold it is outside.  We are still receiving 3 eggs a day for the most part.  I thought they would be tapering down in this respect as the days got colder – maybe because they are so well insulated.

We have been giving eggs away left and right and everyone is quite appreciative!  These fresh chicken eggs cost $4-$5 a dozen in these parts!  The difference in my baked goods is definitely noticeable.  The other day as I was preparing a salad for my weekly lunches (I make one big salad for the week ahead and if I don’t do this, I rarely eat salad for lunch.  I find it much easier and healthier to have the food prepared ahead of time – otherwise, I pick and eat bad stuff.)  So as I was cleaning the baby spinach, several thoughts came to me.  First, I can and should be growing spinach indoors during these winter months.  Granted the spinach won’t grow huge leaves but baby spinach is just that… baby, so it should work just fine.  I have a few containers started under the grow/heat lamps already of certain seeds.  I just need to wait for a trip down south to our other home to get my saved spinach seeds.   I do look forward to growing baby spinach …. Soon!  The second thought as I gathered scraps to take to the chickens was this idea of Sprouting your own seeds.

I browsed the internet and read up a bit on this process.  I decided to use lentil seeds.  Either I can add these sprouts to my dishes or I am quite sure the chickens will gobble them up!  It will be good for both of us.  I soaked the lentil seeds in water overnight using a mason jar.  Rinsed them the next morning and every 8-10 hours.

  Lentils soaking overnight Day 2 Sprouts!!

They should be ready soon – I am sure the chickens would even eat them up at this point, but we will let the sprouts grow a bit more.  Then they will need to be stored in the refrigerator if there are any left.

I am happy to say that a sewing design I had forming in my head has taken life.  I have mentioned Affirmations and positive thinking on my website and store listings and this wall hanging is almost complete.

It is my own personal treasure and will be hanging in my work area as a lovely reminder.  Affirmations are thoughts you believe and say to yourself throughout the day.  The sayings are somewhat hard to make out in the photo – I am Focused, I am Fit, I Love Life …. eight great positive reinforcements! I may be adding some of these wall hangings to the store in the future, but right now I need to focus on completing the 8 embroidered name pillows for the nieces and nephews …. only 2 weeks until Christmas, the big day!!  I better get going!


One Response

  1. Those are some good looking chickens.

    And you’re right. I should be growing some spinach inside this winter, too. Actually, we could probably set up a small cold frame outside in our little garden area. Here in north Texas we get cold weather, but not lots of it.

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