Frankie’s unique personality

Dogs definitely have unique charming personalities all their own!  Our family of canines includes Frankie, Augie and Sarge – quite the characters.  Both Frankie and Augie were discovered and taken home from our local animal shelter and Sarge, well, he’s been around for ages … 13 years now – our miniature dachshund.  I just had to take the opportunity this morning to share a part of Frankie’s personality with you all.  He is a mix of some sort and definitely part Coonhound – he has that distinctive howl of the hound and he drools.  For the most part he is rather standoffish but oh SO loving!  He likes his space and is very protective – he would scare off a thousand burglars, but when it comes to little things like a feather blowing in the wind or a leaf rustling on the sidewalk he will stand and bark, but jumps away when the object makes a move!  It’s quite comical.  I now know “that bark” and in the past I would come running to see the commotion thinking there was a tragedy ready to erupt.  Now I figure he is just making his presence known to some mouse running through the garage or a flower blowing in the wind.

One of Frankie’s very unusual traits is – he loves to lay on the kitchen table.  It catches you off guard each and every time and we do try to discourage this behavior as best we can … since, it’s just not normal for an 80 lb. dog to rest on one’s kitchen table.  From day one he has found his spot around the kitchen table – most days he will just sit in the chair and look around.  I try to push all the chairs in but we forget and when we do … Up he goes!

 Yes, I am quite comfortable

 Alright, alright I’ll move

 I’m sorry

 I’ll just sit here then

 Gotta love Frankie the dog!


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