Introducing another pound puppy!

 Such  a tiny bundle of sweetness!  But she sure can yelp at night and she sure did all night last night – her first day here at her new home.  It is remarkable how much noise a little fur ball can make.  We had traveled down south to pick up and bring our college girl home for the holidays and stayed at our home down there.  We visited the farm store and they were having the local shelter bring their over abundance of critters in hopes of finding them homes and we were happy to help out.  We have Augie and Frankie who are both from the animal shelter and are very happy with these guys.

 Augie and Frankie

Now Sarge our king – miniature dachshund who we have had for almost 13 years is not real happy about our new addition, but hey…we have plenty of room.


We are not quite sure what mix of breeds our new baby is and are hoping maybe the vet tomorrow can give us a clue.  I am thinking she is part dachshund since some of her features resemble Sarge and she IS so tiny!

 Let’s hope she sleeps quietly tonight ……


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