Gearing up for the New Year ahead!

This year I decided to get serious about making one New Year’s resolution that I will totally commit myself to and that is getting back in shape.  Ever since the age of 40 has come and gone the pounds have crept up and refused to leave as they did in my younger years.  I have been searching the web the past few months looking for worthwhile resources in the areas that really interest me and I found two great sites recently.  The first is a site called Spark People and I have been captivated by it since joining.  Each time I visit I learn more about navigating myself around (there is a TON of information) and I even pre-ordered the book The Spark today from Amazon.  For 4 days now I have tracked my food intake which I believe will be a major factor in losing the weight.  I pick all day long … I mean ALL day long and I need to stop that!  One of the goals they stress is 8 cups of water a day and today I finally did this!  Instead of mindless snacking I sipped on water; which I thought would be very boring, but I got hooked on reaching the goal.  The site looks to have every aspect of nutrition and fitness covered and I am really loving the recipe section.  They will select a meal plan for you if you choose and figure all the calories, etc.  Recipes are supplied and you can create cookbooks.  It is fabulous so if you are looking for a social site to join that is motivational and fitness nutrition orientated this is the one!

The second website is FoodBuzz which also takes some time to learn, but will be worth the effort I am sure.  This site appears to be all about food!  One of the major goals I have in mind is healthy eating and living.  Using the harvest from my own garden and creating easy healthy dishes that will serve as a basis for losing the weight and learning a new lifestyle of health and happiness.

I also created my latest set of hot pads that centers around this idea of fitness and being focused with hopes that they will serve to inspire!

I also have to report that I received my first order of seeds!  This order came from Pinetree Seeds and arrived promptly and in good condition … all seeds accounted for and anxiously waiting to be planted!

I do have a few containers of herbs growing under the plant lights and just the other day I did plant some spinach seeds so I can have a winter harvest of baby spinach.  These were seeds that I had saved.

 Spinach seeds broadcast in tray under planting lights for the winter.

Gearing up for the New Year ahead …. I am ready!!!


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