Thoughts on a Garden Giveaway

Just this past week I have been very, very busy participating in the One World One Heart bloggers event and I am having a wonderful time! The first day of the event I spent at the computer checking out blogs and leaving comments for a chance to win a prize … I was exhausted! But it was/is a good exhaustion – I am connecting with so many folks around the world and once the frenzy calms down I can revisit many of the blogs and continue these connections. The event runs for 3 weeks and I have many more blogs to visit!

One of the blogs I discovered is giving away a 1 lb. bag of worm castings! DO you know how extremely excited I was to see this and, of course, I left a comment hoping to be the lucky winner! Another was giving away beautifully designed seed packets and another a subscription to Heirloom Gardening! When I came across a gardening related giveaway I was in my glory! Many of the giveaway items are beautiful works of art … there are hundreds of extremely talented folks involved in this event. You can check out the website for a better understanding of this marvelous event – One World One Heart.

So I got to thinking a Garden Giveaway might be a fun event for those who are gardeners or who would love to start gardening or even those who just love to read about gardening! This would be a chance to meet others around the world who also garden and in the process win some neat little garden gifts. Those participating commit to giving away something – you can see my giveaway here in this current event. I have received over 150 entries (comments) after only the third day!

What do you think? I created the Garden Giveaway poll above to receive some feedback – so give it a click if you might be interested!

Thanks so much!


3 Responses

  1. Wonderful idea and I’d love to join in! What a nice way to unite bloggers and gardeners from all over! Thanks!

  2. Now that’s just not fair- where are all the links to these great garden giveaways? I know you don’t want competition as you’d like them for your self but you can’t mention them in passing and leave me hanging?????????

  3. I just posted more details at yesterday. I was out of town this past weekend, but have started the ball rolling. Check out the About page there also. This should be great fun!!!

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