Connection Failed …

What a way to start the day!  Reading the message splashed across the computer screen again and again “Connection Failed”. 

No, no it can’t be. Let me reboot – hang on.  “Connection Failed” it wasn’t going away – it was serious!   I was in no mood and the disbelief along with frustration was slowly creeping through my every cell.  Why was there no warning?  NOW what was I suppose to do? 

Hoping it was the weather or a technical glitch somewhere I continued to check (every 15 minutes or was it 10?).   No luck… “Connection Failed”.  Finally making the call to the service provider feeling with certainty all they needed to do was flip a switch and my online status would be jolted back into action.   Nope, no such luck!   I would have to wait until the next day for a technician to arrive and scope out the problem.    OMG!!!!  A whole day looking at “Connection Failed”. 

So .. it was time to escape from this self inflicted misery and take a nice walk!   Taking those first breaths of cold fresh air was refreshing and cleared my thoughts.  Trudging along the snow packed trail I asked myself – What do I really need the internet for?   I mean really need the internet for?   As I pondered this question a country song came to mind (the singer and song name escapes me) he sang of times in his childhood when drinking from the garden hose not bottled water was normal and other reflections that brought memories of my own childhood to mind.   No internet and we all got along just fine.   Thinking more on this – My grandparents have no want or need for the internet, they nod in agreement when the conversation turns to the worldwide web, but they could care less.   My parents have the internet installed and use it on occasion … gentle reminders to check their email for new pictures of the kids is more of a curiosity for them than a need.   Myself, I am caught in the middle.  I could go either way with the internet.   I feel I most definitely need it in my daily life, but when I leave for a week or two and do not have internet hookup I survive and don’t miss it a bit!

On the other hand my kids, the newest generation, need the internet.  They entered high school at a time when a household computer was becoming the norm and chatting with their friends was social fun and how they stayed connected. Now in college they rely on the internet and as my son stated recently he searches “everything”.  The internet has replaced asking questions to teachers and even parents.   It’s easier to do a search and find numerous answers to your query with a few clicks on the computer.

As I continued to reflect I thought … Same goes for future generations and gardening – will they ask questions and seek out hands on experience?  Will they grow and harvest their own food?   Will they understand the survival of the seed?   Most importantly – will they be inspired enough to plant those seeds or will they merely make a few clicks on the computer and read about it?

Times will continue to change and change dramatically. Amongst all that change, we must insure that future generations know how to plant those seeds….for our future’s sake.


3 Responses

  1. This is all so true! I really enjoy the internet and read all sorts of things but when I’m away I don’t miss it. And I have no interest in reding books online either, reading means paper in the hand and feet up on the sofa!
    I think in some ways that we are coming full circle with the growing food thing- of course some people have no interest, but twas ever thus. An awful lot of folk are turning to growing their food where possible, and peak oil may gradually push even more people into their veg patches.

  2. Heckety – I agree! What worries me is the younger generations – they much rather be sitting in front of the computer than outside growing a garden. When I was young I couldn’t wait to get outside!

  3. I’m another Internet dependent – and yet I resent it. I long for the days when therewas no e-mail and people didn’t expect instant action. Life used to be so slow …

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