Billie in a box!

Billie the puppy made me smile today …

If its been a while since you had a puppy in your home you forget all those long hours of puppy training,  getting up a few times during the night,  wake up call in the morning at 4 AM and the constant repeat of the word No.  All that is quickly washed away when you have those “puppy moments” and remember why you brought the little bundle home in the first place….to make you smile and that she did today.

Yesterday we stopped at the local grocery store and I scored a big box of apples – they weren’t perfect apples and a few were even useless – they were boxed up and being sold very cheap – I was in my glory … a bargain for me and my dehydrator!!  So I sliced and dried all day yesterday and the dehydrator is still running with another batch.  Apple chips are the best!

 Apples drying in the dehydrator

My first big batch of apple chips – all types of varieties mixed

Trail mix with the apples – I will eat the apple chips just as is, but you can make up your own homemade trail mix very easily.  I added almonds, pretzels and chex cereal here….and those chocolate chex are to die for.  I could probably eat a whole box if that voice in my head wasn’t yelling Stop Stop…enough girl!

So the Puppy Moment came when I took a second to check where the puppy was since it was so quiet all the sudden.  I found her in the box that I had brought the apples home in – all snug and comfy.  She has ventured out of the box a few times but keeps going back in there to nap … she found it all on her own – no coaxing from me! 

I also spent some time this weekend packaging up the Free Seeds for the Great Garden Giveaway – they are all ready and waiting!  Make sure to tell all your garden friends about the event.  I listed the Free Seeds on craiglist this morning and received over 100 hits before someone flagged and deleted the post.  I am guessing it was viewed as a promotional thing of some sort.  Last year I gave away hundreds of seeds on craiglist and had no problem. 

Thank goodness I have my little puppy to make me smile!!!


4 Responses

  1. Congrats on the bargain apples. I have to watch myself when eating them dried. First thing I know I’ve eaten 2-3 apples!
    Your dehydrator looks like ours. It gets a lot of use drying veggies when they are coming in fast from the garden.

    Billie looks precious in the box!

  2. Oh, Billie is so cute! I love puppies… they are a lot of work but sooooo cute.
    The apples and mix make a good snack. I need more of those healthy snacks around. 🙂

  3. What a great post! Very timely for me, since I recently took in a stray dog after a few year hiatus, and my kids recently discovered apple chips, your dehydrator is very interesting to me. As great as it is to have a dog again, I am *very* concerned about what will happen to the garden I’ve worked so hard on over the last few years. But the tail wags & kisses are worth it. Your puppy is adorable. 🙂 Rebecca

  4. Aw, your puppy is adorable!

    My mom dehydrates a lot of her home-grown produce, and occasional bargains like the apples you picked up and dried. Every time I go to her place, I remember what a great appliance dehydrators are. Must get one soon. Your trail mix looks yummy!

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