Beautiful Snow

Remember as a child …. the snow      

                 the excitement, the wonder and the sheer feeling of utter joy when we awoke and saw inches and inches of the white stuff – would school be closed for a snow day and we could play in the white stuff all day long ….

                 we could build snowmen, forts, have snowball fights and even take a break and have a quick snack of the white stuff as long as mom wasn’t watching …

                 finally after a long hard day of playing in the snow, we trudge wearily in and shred our wet soaken winter coats and boots and snuggle down for a good night’s sleep dreaming about the white stuff …

Nowadays ……..

                                    do we play,

                                 do we find pleasure in the simple delights of nature,

                              do we dream???


7 Responses

  1. Actually, yes, all the time! I love your photos, and I love taking photos of the weather here, and I love walking along poking in the hedgerows to see what’s popping up, and I love the skies especially the big black clouds rolling over the hills. I can sit and dream away the time no problem, unfortunately!! My family says if I cooked as well and often as I dreamed they’d all be fat as pigs!

  2. I love your photos, especially the third one. It took me a few seconds to figure out what I was looking at but realized it was looking up into the tree canopy, I think. Just lovely :^)

  3. That is funny Heckety and glad you do all that dreaming … the world needs more like you!!! Thank you for the nice comment on the photos. Noelle, yep I am standing under the tree looking up – ain’t that neat looking?!?

    Hope you’re both enjoying the weather in your area 🙂

  4. Since we hardly ever see snow around here in the Deep South, it is a wonder when we get any amount of snow that sticks. I think we are all children at heart when it snows. All the schools close and work shuts down, for people’s safety for sure, but also so we can stay home and play! Thanks for sharing your beautiful snow photos!

  5. I love the snow when it is fresh and white. Too bad is doesn’t stay that way in the city.

  6. Thank you all for visiting and commenting! I actually caught a sign of spring this morning and will post later – Enjoy your weekends!!!

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