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I got my Cricut!

Yes!   We purchased the Cricut and I am overwhelmed to say the least!   I did attend the demonstration and ask many questions at the local craft store yesterday and now I do feel much more comfortable with it.   There really is ALOT of different shapes, sizes, fonts and figures this machine can cut.   For those unfamiliar with a Cricut, it is an electronic cutting machine.   Different cartridges can be purchased and used to create whatever you have in mind.  My unit came with 2 cartridges and I purchased 2 additonal ones – Walk in the Garden is backordered but I did come home with From the Kitchen.

 My first flower creations!

As I left the store I saw this couple walking down the sidewalk with their 4 dogs.   I watched in amazement as they loaded all 4 well behaved dogs into their small vehicle and drove off.  I really thought I was seeing things!

Also this past week I was notified that I won Free Seeds from Everything About Gardening on facebook.  I am a fan and my name was chosen … I love winning!   Jeff @ http://www.cheapseeds.com does a fantastic job of promoting his business!   I was amazed at another of his links – gardening videos.   Check it out at http://www.bestgardeningvideo.com   Tons of information … tons!   Thank you Jeff … I will have fun picking out my seeds!

Another wonderful discovery this past week is Linda from Scentsibilities.  She left a comment on my post about square foot gardening and mentioned she is on the board of a non-profit called Growing Places Garden Project and they use this method in their gardens.  She encourages everyone to check out the website and start working with others in your community.   What a remarkable person and a wonderful cause!


3 Responses

  1. Golly are those Irish Wolfhounds??? Your flowers look lovely, very cheerful! Micki got a cricut last week so I’m all agog to see what you people create! Congrats on your seed win and I’l most certainly check out the links you give, tyvm!

    If interested here’s Micki’s place-http://thedote.blogspot.com/

  2. Congrats on getting the Cricut! I’ve drooled over it for a long time but just don’t think I’d use it enough. I’m looking forward to your creations with it.

    I’ll check out those links. Hubby and I have been active in our master gardener association where we have a 1.2 acre garden that all of the proceeds go to the local food bank. This year we are moving away from that project since there are plenty to help with that, and will be working on a new community garden through our church. I’m excited as I love to see projects go from an idea to reality. Thanks for the post.

  3. Congrats!Glad that you stopped by, and I will be a follower, so we can see each other’s creations. Anyways, I love your flowers. I am waiting for supplies this week, but I did get some, so I made a card for Joe. It is fun! I will be using it for cardmaking, scrapbooking, and also making art journals.
    So glad that we met.

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