Chicago Garden Show


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  1. Love your slide show! Great pics! Makes me even more anxious for spring! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great slideshow … lots of fabulous displays.

  3. I lived in the Chicago suburbs for 20 years, just prior to moving to Florida. My husband and children were born there. So much wonderful culture and fun in Chicago! I love your slide show…nicely done!

  4. OK, that’s a new high bar for displaying garden show photos. The wild table settings were very eye catching. Looks like it was a great show.

    Christine in Alaska

  5. Really cool!

    What day did you go? I’ve been there almost every day except for yesterday.

  6. Thank you Everyone! It was a wonderful show and day! MrB we were there yesterday and the day just flew by – I wish I had more time to attend all the seminars; we were able to catch one cooking demo – Chef Darrel Anderson from Sandwich, IL & sampled Spaghetti Squash with Curry Cilantro Dressing!

  7. A very lovely slide show and beautiful music. I am new here came in via Noelle’s. I stopped doing slide shows because sometimes it takes a long time to open, in fairness, yours openned fast, enticing and lively. . . thank you

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