Thank you and Paper Crafts

A couple of weeks ago I posted that I had won seeds from simply by being a fan of theirs on facebook –  I went to the website and ordered my free seeds ($20 worth) and received them 2 days later and what a package!   Quick service and lots of seeds … Thank you very much Jeff, owner of Cheap Seeds!!  I am very happy and am actually getting ready to plant this evening.

This is what I received – Love in a mist (2,200 seeds), Bellflower Tussock (40,000 seeds), Candytuft (1,500 seeds), Chinese forget me not (1,000 seeds), Pincushion (300 seeds) and Scarlet flax (1,750 seeds).  I am looking forward to a beautiful flower garden this year … Thanks so much!

I am also excited to report that when I visited the Chicago Flower and Garden Show last week, I entered to win a drawing from the Chicago Botanic Garden and I won!   “A Day at the Garden” which includes complimentary parking, 4 passes for the Grand Tram Tour and 4 passes for the Model Railroad Garden.    How totally cool is that!!! 

I went to the show with my Mom and Aunt and made them a little gift using my Cricut machine…a folder to hold their gardening notes.

 Garden folder

I started work on a card for Mother’s Day and also a sign for Easter … both still need work, but I am discovering new techniques and material to work with.  I actually sewed ribbon onto the card and glued a fabric flower on the Easter sign.   Using the sewing technique gives the card a whole new look and it works very well using cardstock.

Can’t get any better than this …. gardening and crafting and Winning, of course!    Thank YOU!


7 Responses

  1. Very creative 🙂

  2. I absolutely love Scarlet Flax and have posted a photo of it on the title of my blog. I hope you have a great time deciding where to plant your seeds.

  3. Congrats! You are on a winning streak! Can’t wait to see your pages of all of your flowers. And I do have cricut envy!

  4. Jackpot with the seeds !!
    We just started our seeds indoors…yay.
    Always want to make cards but never do…one of the many things I have to make time for.

  5. Thank you All 🙂 Working with the Cricut takes alot of creative thinking … I may make some basic cards & than add on when I have a specific person in mind to give it to. I see there is some software out there that will make creating easier. I want to also try making paper (with the scraps) and add seeds where you just plant the whole thing. Would make a cool gift!

  6. Congratulations on your wins! Your garden should be fabulous! Happy Spring!

  7. Wow! Awesome wins! Do you carry a horse shoe for good luck?! Your seeds look wonderful and will really be wonderful when they’re in full bloom. Your crafts are adorable…love the folders! Very thoughtful gift…I use one that I received at a garden show from the extension office, but it’s not nearly as attractive. Nice job!!!

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