Seed Paper Flowers and The Big Card!

I have seen this idea posted on the internet in the past and I thought I would give it a try since I have been accumulating little scraps of paper as I work with my Cricut.   This is quite easy and I was unsure if it would work, but it Did!   First, I took the scraps of paper and put them in the blender ..

Added water and blended  ..

You can see the paper and water turned to mush and it’s even colored which is neat.   I added marigold seeds to the paper mush and added all this to a colander to squeeze out the excess water.   I had a flower mold which I then added the mush or pulp to – you can spread this out on a cookie sheet and cut out shapes if you don’t have a mold.

 Plastic flower mold

I am letting these air dry.   I did read you can dry them in the oven on low heat but since I haven’t tried that I can’t say how it works.   If you are in a hurry it might work out.   These flowers or any shape you create can be added to a card for Easter or Mother’s Day.   The idea is to plant the whole flower – paper and seeds and let it grow!   Cool idea – now we will have to test it and see if the flowers grow.

Speaking of cards, I have been working on a BIG card for my son.   He is turning 21 in May and the idea hit me this week to create a card and bring it along to the holiday parties this weekend (he is away at college, so he won’t see it) and have all the family members sign it.

 This is designed on a full sheet of poster board and the images cut on the Cricut.  I will bring along the tags for everyone to write something on and then glue them in and add more designs to finish it off.   I left plenty of space since I don’t know how many signed tags I will end up with.

 Inside of card

I have realized that working and creating cards and designs takes quite a bit of creative imagination.   You may see something you want to create but sitting there with all the supplies in front of you seems to just draw a blank.   So I have been doodling or just playing around with different items like stamps and cut out shapes and words and this is working for ideas.   For instance – I saw this concept of stamping the background of paper (heavy and light) and using it as a design ……

So I just started doodling with the stamps and shapes and I like this idea.   I will make up some cute Easter cards to give out this weekend … doodle thoughts work great!!!


5 Responses

  1. I love your idea of the seed paper flowers. When hubby and I got married a couple years ago, we gave away seed hearts at the reception. They were pasted on cards that had our names and the date. They cost quite a bit. Anyway, we had several left so I planted them in a special area and they didn’t do much at all. I was a bit disappointed but probably should have put them in a pot. I think that is a great idea though. I also love your idea of the tags for people to sign. We also did that at our wedding and people signed the little pieces of paper and I ended up putting all of them in our wedding album. What a neat idea for your son. I’m still envious of your Cricut!!

  2. Interesting, I will have to play with this and see what comes of it.

  3. Morning Lynda! Yes, I am curious to see if the seeds grow – marigolds are pretty easy to sprout so odds are in my favor. Hopefully, my son doesn’t decide to read the blog and discover the surprise card. I will make extra tags so his friends can sign the card also. I am tellin’ ya the Cricut makes you think creative projects constantly – it’s hard to shut off the thinking and keep it organized! Watch for a Cricut giveaway on here – I saw one yesterday … she was giving away a Cricut Expression but I didn’t enter since I have one. Google it – I want to say it runs until June 1st or so. That would be perfect if you won!

  4. That is a great idea with the flower mold. I bet your son loves the card. My son just turned 18 on the 25th. They grow up so fast!!

  5. What a great idea! You have to let us know if it works. I have seen people put these inside of cards.

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