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Gardening Update

The month flew by and the majority of time was down south starting with chilly weather and frost and ending in hot, humid tropical weather!   When I first arrived I set out all my trays of seedlings on the deck and held my breath waiting for frost.   We did receive frost a couple of nights and had to move everything inside.   A week went by and the weather was rainy and chilly so I held off – then I heard the weekend forecast … 90s and hot!   Thinking that would fry the poor seedlings I was undecided but realized my stay there was coming to an end and I wanted to get everything planted before I left or else I would have to drag everything back.   Slowly, I started with the seeds – direct sowing them into the ground; the beans, squash, corn, gourds, melons, millet, broomcorn, sunflowers.

One by one I started transplanting the tomatoes, peppers, basil along with other herbs and flowers.    The nasturtium seeds which I had previously planted for the GROW project were put into the ground and I did lose a few due to the extremes of the weather.    It appears the sets that were transplanted into the big pot on the deck will make it fine.  

I had also started several seeds directly into the ground between the pea plants and garlic our last trip and they were growing right along.   Peas were ready to harvest but only a few handfuls – I am sure there will be many more next visit. 

 Peas, Nasturtium, Garlic

 Planted from seed in the ground

A big problem I encountered this season is a Mole burrowing around in the garlic/pea area and also by the tomatoes and peppers.   He has managed to uproot quite a few of the small seedlings and expose their roots to the hot sun.   I can only hope they pull through, but I am a bit doubtful.   Every morning I would inspect all the tunnels and tramp them down, but they reappeared each day.   Finally, we did purchase 2 mole traps and set them up.   Once again I can only hope things work out according to my plans.

The lavender and sweet william are blooming nicely … all around creatures and critters are appearing and gearing up for a wonderful summer ahead!

 Lavender, Sweet William

“I’m growing Nasturtium “Spitfire” for the GROW project, thanks to ReneesGarden.com for the seeds.”   My monthly post for July may be a week later since we may be away from the computer for the holiday week.


9 Responses

  1. Your lavender looks beautiful. Mine is not quite that far along. And love that turtle.

  2. Ooh, garlic–if I had any of that, it would be great nasturtium companion! Love the snapper–did she lay eggs in your garden? I had one visit my garden last year!

  3. Everything looks great! That lavender/sweet William combination is so pretty. Your direct-sown nasturtiums are about the same size as mine — I’m looking forward to seeing them in bloom!

  4. I love the lavender/sweet william combination – both colors really pop together. Your nasties look great!

  5. Everything looks wonderful! What’s your turtle’s name? She looks so happy cruising around in all the greenery.

  6. I too like the lavender/sweet william combo. Glad to see some of your nasturtiums are doing well.

  7. Sounds like we’ve been going through similar hesitancy. I’ve been out all day and reluctant to leave the sprouts out in the newly arrived heat, because I’m afraid they’ll fry… But, I guess it’s now or never… Good luck with your nasturtium. Mine have grown a lot indoors and I can’t wait to get the seedlings into the planters. Cheers!

  8. Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments! I just returned once again (this back and forth traveling is a challenge!) The weather down south is much like Chicagoland weather except a bit more extreme – hotter, more humid and wicked storms. The turtles are all over and this trip we encountered a snake which took up a corner of the garage until the 2 big dogs had a fit – getting the dogs calmed down and the snake gone was no easy task! Spotted Mama Gopher and her 3 new babies who I can only pray stay far far away from my gardens!!!

  9. Since I’m a little behind in visiting other Grow project members, I’m guessing your nasturtiums are doing some better. I’m not too impressed with mine yet.

    God bless that box turtle! They’re a rare sight around here!

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