Berry Harvest and Garlic IS Ready!

Earlier this year I won the book Grocery Gardening by Jean Ann Van Krevelen and what a fantastic book it is!   Filled with great recipes and helpful tips especially this berry fact that unraveled a mystery in my gardens.    Early part of June a new patch of berries ripened up and I thought to myself – how odd, I thought blackberries ripened up early July; must be an early year.   I set out to freeze some and made up a couple pints of Jam.   As I was flipping through my new book checking out recipes I came across this fact on page 107 and sure enough it made perfect sense!   There are black raspberries and when you harvest them the core remains on the cane, unlike a blackberry where the whole fruit is harvested.   In other words, the hole that you see in a berry (core remains on cane) tells you that you are harvesting black raspberries and sure enough……..just recently, the patches of blackberries were ready to harvest.


Recently harvested blackberries in the bowl and black raspberry jam I canned up earlier!   Thanks for the Great advice!!!

Down south the garlic was ready to harvest earlier than up north – I was hesitant since the bulbs were much smaller, but it was time.   So in rereading some of my garlic data I figured that the garlic needs to acclimate to the climate it is being grown in AND I definitely need to work on the clay soil!   I will keep the garlics separate and replant next season the appropriate cloves where they grew before.   It was very dry and hot down south and wet and rainy up north where I could have harvested the softnecks a week earlier.   I am lucky I came back when I did and I worked frantically to get them all out of the ground …. today I finally finished up harvesting the hardnecks.   Some pictures to share and recipes to follow ….. I have ALOT of garlic – close to 500 garlic bulbs …….Yep – 500!

Hardneck right before harvest – see the one scape I missed!   It was touchy work digging up the garlic since you have to be careful you don’t dig “into” the bulb and you have to guess where it is …… I definitely got the hang of it after soooooo many garlics!   Now the taste testing starts and the recipes to share!


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  2. We had a small crop of black raspberries this year. Hoping for a larger one next year. But our blackberries have gone crazy and I’ve been doing all kinds of things with them including giving them away! Great garlic harvest!

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  4. Your garlic is wonderful! I have hardneck garlic ready to harvest, no where near 500 though. I’ve been too busy to get out there but looking at your pictures I am going out today to do it. Thanks for inspiring me and enjoy your garlic!

  5. Believe it or not, I had a hard time knowing the difference between black raspberries and blackberries until I wrote the book! Glad that tidbit was of help to you. 🙂

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