As the Garden Grows

The watermelon (Moon & Stars) are growing right along ….along with the gourds!!!

 Watermelon in front – Gourds in back

 Apple gourds


I canned up cucumber for pickles (3 canning sessions) so I am set for pickles.   Last year we used Burpee’s Pickler and I attempted to save the seed and plant this year, but they never sprouted so the cucumber we did use was called Muncher and it worked well.   I actually let the cucumber sit in cold water (added a few ice cubes) before slicing up so they were nice and crisp.

The 3 types of basil were all doing very well – Mrs. Burns Lemon which I made cookies with ……. so good!    Thai and Purple Ruffles which I set aside and have drying.   I did use some of the Lemon basil to save in ice cubes – not sure how I will use them … maybe more cookies!

The tomatoes were ripening up and I was so happy to make my first batch of salsa – which does not last long in this house at all!

I did spot and remove this nasty tomato hornworm – one of the chickens had a tasty treat.   I am very much on the lookout for these beasts … they can destroy a tomato plant really really fast.  

The hot sun and sparse rain have taken its toil on the gardens this year and it continues ….. down south – up north we have had a TON of rain – sure wish I could reverse the weather for a few days here and there!


3 Responses

  1. Oh. When I went for a week vacation in the province, I left my tomatoes in the garden in the care of my nephews. But when I came back, I saw a lot of these worms and all of the tomato plants are damaged! That is certainly one of the most terrifying things that happened to me. LOL. I could have made a lot of salsa with those tomatoes!

  2. I also have problems with horn worms in my tomatoes. That’s why early in the morning I set free my chickens and they really hunt for these worms. Thanks that I have chickens like these. That is a good idea on your cucumbers and I love to try it too.

  3. Oh. Those tomatoes look really fresh! But those worms are creepy! Are these things butterfly caterpillars? Looking at it makes me have goosebumps! But anyway, thanks for sharing this post! Looks like the basil is at its perfect state! Yum!

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