Gourmet Garlic Giveaway!!!

Gourmet Garlic – Chrysalis Purple (hardneck) – Inchelium Red (softneck) – Chet’s Italian (softneck) – Chesnok Red (hardneck)

I decided to share and give some garlic away!    The winner can either cook up some delicious dishes and enjoy the garlic right away or plant the garlic in their own garden.   Or they can do both – eat some and grow some!  

Garlic is really easy to grow and everyone should have some growing out in their yard or possibly a big container if no yard is available (I would think this would work even though I never tried it …. yet).   Separate the head of garlic into cloves (these are the seed to plant) and with root side down, pointy side up plant in about 2″ of soil leaving about 5-6″ between cloves.   Plant in the fall (Octoberish) and your garlic should be ready to harvest early to mid July next year.

To enter the giveaway leave a comment here and your contact information so I can find you if you win.   If you rather not post your email you can send it privately to mailbox@therunninggarlic.com .   The winner will be announced and posted here on September 21st and will have 48 hrs. to contact me with their address for mailing otherwise a new winner will be selected.

Stop by and check out the other Giveaways at Great Giveaways for a chance to win more prizes!   If you are having a giveaway of your own you can add it to the list there.   Thanks and Good Luck!


26 Responses

  1. Wow! I have never planted garlic before, and I was just talking to my husband about what things to add to our garden for next year. Garlic and onions are on the top of that list!

  2. just read about your giveaway and i would love to take part. I have never planted Garlic before and would love to rec. your garlic i have followed you for sometime on the sidelines from email and facebook. would love a chance at your garlic. thankyou Dona Skaggs

  3. I just harvested one of my bulbs from last years planting, I couldn’t believe how long they took to grow, the onions seemed so much faster. Now, of course, I’m looking forward to cooking with them.

  4. After reading your garlic recipe in the last post, MAN I could go for some gourmet garlic!

  5. Free garlic! Like garlic all by itself isn’t great enough. I would use some of the cloves for planting…some for eating & some to ward off goblins!

  6. Loooooove real garlic. Got a head from some friends this summer, but ate it all!! Crazy how it just pops out of the skin as opposed to the store garlic that you have to pick and peel.

    Would love to get my hands on some of your goodies. Ginger, garlic, and onions are pretty much the start of everything I cook.


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  8. My DREAM giveaway!!! My stylings of being a garlic farmer could be one step closer to reality…thank you so much for this chance. I have a plot all turned and ready. I know I’ve mentioned before that this is something I’ve always wanted to do (grow garlic)…because I say it all the time. To anybody who will listen…or pretend to listen. Fingers crossed!!! ~Heather
    (girlichef at yahoo dot com)

  9. I love garlic and I always make it curry and chicken oh, my how yummy can that be. Thanks
    showmemama at ymail dot com

  10. Oh my GOSH! My garlic didn’t do well and what I wouldn’t do for some fresh garlic!!!

    Yum.. roasted garlic and basalmic vinager/olive oil on toasted pita break.

    Oh sign me UP!!!! I LOVE YOU!

    helpingpalin at gmail dot com

  11. we love garlic I hope I win!!

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  13. Garlic is a staple of our diet. Its healthy, delicious and affordable. I always talk about inexpensive ways to add lots of flavor to meals. Garlic is a great way to do that. I planted some for the first time this year we shall see how it goes 🙂

  14. I totally missed getting bulbs to plant last year, and I’ve so been regretting it for this year. Please, please help me make it up for next year.

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  16. yeah. I’m in! mmmmmmm I’m going to make the puffs. And I’m going to wait until everyone has gone to work or school before I bake them (and eat them) xo Karen

  17. My boyfriend would *love love love* to cook with some special garlic. He is the cook of the family (while I am pretty content with mac and cheese!)

    Thanks for giving away these scrumptious garlics!

  18. Hi! Just found your blog through zibbet–love it!!! I planted garlic for the first time this year, and although it was a modest crop, I’m saving most of my bulbs to replant for next year. The few I’ve eaten are delicious and SO much better than store bought. Thanks for all the great info!

  19. I am such a huge fan of garlic! To be honest, I have never planted any fancy types. This is a super giveaway, consider me entered.


    Amy J

  20. Thanks for the tips on planting garlic. I haven’t had good luck in the past, but am going to try again using your method.


  21. Count me in! Is this organic garlic? I have been meaning to plant garlic for years. I do get some at a local farmers market but it does not look as good as yours! ;>)

  22. Yes, absolutely organic – no chemicals at all. Fresh compost is used and the soil here in Kane County, IL is one of the best in the country 🙂 The original garlic was purchased from Seed Savers Exchange. Best of luck and Thank You!

  23. I’m embarrassed to admit it never really crossed my mind that there were different varieties of garlic (beyond the “Regular” and “Elephant). Considering that I love garlic so, I certainly should’ve known better! I must investigate further.

    In the meantime, I’d love the opportunity to try this organic garlic! 🙂

  24. I would love the opportunity to win some garlic. I have been building up the garlic bed slowly each year as it is pretty pricey to buy seed garlic and I have lots of garden needs. My goal is to grow enough for my family until the next harvest. If I win we might just reach that goal…..Thanks for the chance to make that happen.

  25. Hi. I love garlic and would love to win these

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