Movin’ the Compost – ChickenStyle

Earlier in the year I created and posted an entry Composting for a healthy garden and I am still at it ……composting continually!   Each time I add the rich dark compost to my gardens I have such a feeling of satisfaction and it makes me Happy!   You can add the compost at any time – you don’t have to wait until you plant.   Yesterday I started digging out the compost from the bottom of the bin in preparation for the planting of garlic which will take place next month (October).

 Fresh compost!

The chickens were out roaming around eating bugs and scratching for tidbits – they eat constant, non-stop all day long!   They give back some wonderful fresh eggs and they really are very enjoyable to watch.   Yesterday I discovered another great attribute related to our chickens….they are great helpers in the garden!   As I was dumping the fresh compost in the area to be planted I just left it in piles and was planning on spreading and incorporating it into the existing soil at a later time.   Well, the chickens took it upon themselves to do some rotatilling for me – My Own Personal Chicken Rotatillers …..

Movin’ the Compost – ChickenStyle    Watch them in action!

I will be back at it again today and will make sure my little chicken helpers are around to help!     Helpin’ in the Garden


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  1. Aren’t chicken’s great? They can make a bit of a mess if you let them but they just love spread the compost and eating the bugs.

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