GROW to Eat

The GROW project hosted by MrBrownThumb has reached its final post and a huge thank you goes out to him for all his work in coordinating this online blogging event.   Thank YOU!    Renee’s Seeds was the sponsor and graciously donated the Spitfire Nasturtium seeds to all participants.    A Thank You goes out to them as well and of course to ALL the participants!   It was a little tough staying connected for me since my summer location did not have internet connection, but I must say I did post religiously every month about the GROW project progress and the seeds.   I felt it was my duty and enjoyed it very much!   Next year there will be internet access SO I will have an easier time staying connected.  (no excuses…except if it goes down way out there in country neverland) 🙂

I made a suggestion to MrBrownThumb for next year.  It started with his comment about the Nasturtium and Beans and you can see the exchange here.  (under the Comments)    So with his endorsement I came up with the name “GROW to Eat” and the idea behind it will be to grow food (or flowers) and create a recipe or dish to eat with what we grow.   Following the same schedule as the GROW project we all make a post on our blogs and share.   I do have a website page which can be used as the anchor and a blog linky used so everyone can go from blog to blog each month.

I know folks start planning their gardens for next year soon and keeping in mind this next GROW project will help set up our gardens so we can GROW to Eat and share!

Here is the website page and I will update it with this project information.  Of course since I love tweeting, I will be sending out some tweets at @RunningGarlic!

Thank you again to MrBrownThumb and Renee’s Seeds and all the folks who joined in!

 “I’m growing Nasturtium “Spitfire” for the GROW project. Thanks, to Renee’s Garden for the seeds.”  


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