Lovely Lavender

My quest to grow lavender started about 3 years ago when we purchased our place down south.   I wanted to fill the acres of land with wonderful smelling lavender and create crafts and sell some great products.   Lavender comes in many varieties and has different purposes and some are better for dried arrangements or making oils or even for cooking.    It takes about 3 years to get a good harvest and I witnessed that this past year.    I planted many tiny seeds way back 3 years ago and after the transplant shock and the drastic heat experienced in the new land … the harvest this past spring  was actually very encouraging.

The majority of lavender I have growing is Lavender Vera while I also grew a few Grosso and Munstead.  

Lavender is very easy to dry and I have noticed the Grosso is more fragrant than the Vera when dried.   The Grosso grows taller and is typically easier to use in making lavender wands.  While the Vera can be started by seeds the Grosso cannot – it has to be started from clippings or bought as a plant already started.

Dried lavender and sweet william above – both can be used to create crafts; wreaths, flower arrangements and little bundles to decorate gifts.

I save many seeds and dry many herbs and usually I am very good about labeling everything I save.   I had some dried (what I thought was lavender) in the cabinet and had plans to add some to the Ricotta Cakes I wanted to try.  

When I opened the baggie, I realized the dried herb was anise hyssop not lavender.   I did use the anise hyssop and reminded myself to always label everything I save! 

Ricotta cakes with anise hyssop and chocolate chips

I created a Group on Mixing Bowl called GardenDish to share recipes that we create from our garden harvest.  If you have some good recipes, please do share!


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