Create Tradition Today!

Most of us grow up and follow certain traditions or rituals together as a family.   It may be the Christmas cookies we bake or the weekly visit to Grandma’s house – whatever it may be, it has deep meaning and purpose.   Traditions are the cement that unifies a family and bonds the members together from generation to generation.

As technology expands and life becomes more computerized, we speed along with the daily trends and rush to keep up.   A lot of tradition and family togetherness is becoming lost in the ever increasing wires that whirl throughout the airwaves.   Older generations are jumping aboard and staying connected with the younger generations who are miles ahead in the electronic world of today.

I was asked recently “How has social media changed the way I communicate?”   I have to say it has changed my communications drastically; in a good way, but also in a way that may leave future generations wondering about days long ago and only having the computer to flip on for answers.   The diaries, recipe books and homespun crafts of yester year are disappearing as the new world of technology makes its mark.   This realization hit home now that the 2 kids are off at college – I have considerably more time to reflect.   What memories will they always hold dear to them?   Will they carry on tradition to their children?   In a 100 years will the future generations even know I existed?   Sobering thoughts indeed, but will they? 

As I was working on my latest creation, I decided each child will receive one of these Recipe books as a Christmas gift and I will send them recipes throughout the year.

I also plan to start one of my own.   I can add cookies, cakes along with my healthy gardening dishes and this will serve as my link to my future family.    They can experience life in the past through my writings and shared thoughts.   Some time ago I wrote this Grow a Garden piece for my website and it reinforces the thoughts of leaving something for future generations.   Now is the time to start (if we haven’t already), a time to create tradition and leave it for future generations so they can experience life as we lived it.

Create Tradition Today!   Share yourself with the future.


5 Responses

  1. this is adorable! love the book….so cute 🙂

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Angela Grandstaff and Angela L Grandstaff, Running Garlic. Running Garlic said: Create Tradition Today!: […]

  3. Well said!! I have seen many traditions go by the way-side, And I think its a sad state of affairs Here’s to you. Love the book.

  4. Wow Debbie, What a thought provoking post. Also, I love the idea of your recipe book. -Debbie

  5. Thank you All for the kind & reassuring comments. We can’t lose the past to the future – we have to make sure the future knows the past. The difference between my children and myself is remarkable; add another 50 yrs. to that and Wow!

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