HomeGrown Holidays and Giveaway

As each year passes I find myself growing, preserving and giving more Homegrown presents to family and friends and they Love them!  

The garlic harvest this year was excellent and gifts already have been given – fresh garlic, pickled scapes and garlic cloves … more garlic gifts will be given for Christmas.   I have only one more jar of the pickled garlic scapes left and those are mine … I really have enjoyed them and posted the recipe back when I discovered it.   In the Garden Online is the place I first learned about these wonderful garlic scapes and the blog writer, Colleen, also has a book out “Edible Gardening for the Midwest” which will be added to my Christmas wish list this year.

Since we are on the subject of Canning and books, I want to also mention “Canning & Preserving for Dummies”.   The author of this book, Amy, was actually the winner of the Garlic Giveaway I held not to long ago.   She hosts a blog over at The Farming Wife – check her out too!   I highly recommend both of these sources for your cooking and gardening interests!   Great gifts for others on your list too!

I made up labels to add to my canned goods this year in hopes of receiving the empty jars back.   Most people will forget (except my parents, they always return the jars) 🙂 and if they see this little reminder on the bottom of the jar when the goods are all finished up, odds are they will return the jar to you!

It’s has been a while since the Garlic Giveaway and since this is the week of giving thanks……. time to show appreciation to my friendly readers, I worked on some gift tags as a new giveaway this weekend.

These are actually stickers which were hand stamped – so you can peel off the back and place on your gift!

It is rather difficult to see the detail on the tags …. the stamped images are heat embossed which gives them a raised glossy look – pretty neat!   So leave a comment and the winner will be announced next Tuesday after the holiday and in time for adding to your holiday gifts.   Also the newest Linky starts today!!   The theme is Stocking Stuffers so make sure to head on over and add your listing – also on the same page I added a Linky to add your facebook fanpage.

Wishing Everyone a Safe, Fun and Enjoyable Thanksgiving!   Thanks All!


12 Responses

  1. I love your site with the gardening and recipe ideas. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Those tags are adorable and I look forward to trying the Garlic Scapes recipe next year!

  3. Next year I hope to have a garden and have lots of home grown gifts. We do have homemade black berry wine to bottle as gifts this year though.

    Such cute tags!

  4. A former neighbor grew garlic and it was heavenly. Happy Turkey Day to you! Those tags & stickers are wonderful.

  5. What a unique blog you have created. I love all the recipes using home grown items…right up my alley! Also am super inspired by your home grown gifts…happy holidays, Jenn

  6. Your garlic recipes sound great, I love garlic! My hubby put garlic in this fall for next year. We haven’t had it in a couple years! I love the tags you have made, they are very nice. A great addition to pkgs. Happy Thanksgiving! Nancy

  7. Gorgeous tags, Debbie! Thanks for giving us the chance to win them. 😉
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving. It’s such a good idea for a holiday; maybe we New Zealanders should start doing something like it.

  8. Thank You all so much for the comments … YOU are Wonderful!! I know of at least 2 people who have told me they commented and are not showing here, so please if you don’t see your comment, let me know so I can include you! (No idea what that’s about)

  9. just started here and I love it. You do beautiful work! Have a great holiday

  10. Yum, home-canned gifts. 😀 My family used to send out homemade pickles and jams for Christmas sometimes when I was a kid, so I have fond memories of jars of pretty things going out into the world to loved ones around this time of year. (And I *love* your tags, the stamps are great and the watering can shaped ones are fantastic!)

  11. I made Mulberry Jam last summer and the one before and every recipient loved it! They looked forward to more, but alas we moved and no longer have a Mulberry tree in our backyard. 😦
    Your pickles are maing me hungry, they look so good!
    I love the tags…I normally save cards from year before and cut them up for tags. These would be a nice change.
    Have a great Thanksgiving.

  12. Aren’t garlic scapes the best?? I swear I almost look forward to them more than the garlic 🙂

    The tags are absolutely beautiful. There is nothing better than homemade goodies for holiday gifts. I’ll be baking up a storm in the next few weeks — we give our friends and family a big basket of cookies and cakes every year.

    Thanks so much for the kind mention of my book! I really appreciate it!

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