Baby Herbs

A little over a month ago (November 9th) I planted herb seeds under grow lights looking forward to fresh herbs throughout the winter months.   They are doing well and are oh so Cute!   It’s funny …. as I take pictures of the little herbs I think how they are cute like puppies or little babies who eventually grow up!

Baby Basil

Baby Dill

Baby Cilantro

Baby Anise

Herbs or any seeds started indoors in the winter do grow somewhat slower and seem to be more ……what’s the word?       touchy or fragile    The atmosphere indoors can be dry and cold drafts are lurking around those hidden corners!   The trick is to be ever so watchful just like caring for a new puppy or your little baby (ok…. so the winter weather has gotten to me already!)

Aren’t they cute though??


3 Responses

  1. Nice work!!! They will be great for the winter. Thanks for entering my giveaway!!

  2. aaaaand we have some snow falling tonight. Thanks for reminding me of why I have such an herb garden addiction. Your post was perfectly timely. Darn snow.



  3. Little herb-ettes!
    Happy holidays!

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