Post a Day Challenge

Back and forth – measuring the pros and cons – the time involved and the rewards ….. and what did I decide?   I’ll do IT!    WordPress has initiated the Daily Post where those who choose to participate will create and publish a post for their blogs on a daily basis.   There is the option also to post once a week but since I more or less do that already I decided to go with the daily challenge and see what happens!   They will be joining in the fun and posting tips and encouragement and ideas on a daily basis also, so we won’t be alone!   I mentioned this challenge to my son, who is the expert writer in the family, and he suggested I just write what I am thinking and then in the same breath he said….well, maybe not.   There is the real challenge … “what” I will blog about – not writing it up, since once I get an idea I can write … it’s the “what” part for me that I need to focus on.   Since I am a big list writer, I thought I would make a list

There it is …… blank.   I think how I plan to approach this is to dedicate certain days for specific topics.   My interests are varied so instead of just rambling on about topics I can keep some type of organization with the day format.   This challenge will definitely help me focus on content and different tools that are available, such as, the “Press This” feature I just added to my toolbar which I read about here —> Tips for a new year of blogging — Blog —

Also shown in the photo above is my new Mac Pro I received as a Christmas gift and since I have always been a Dell gal (3 of them currently) learning the Mac system will be something I can post about AND that little AT&T gadget is what they call an “air card” and this will enable me to connect to the internet anywhere!   Now when I am at our remote home in the country I can connect and blog daily ……. yippee!  

Basically, I am pretty excited about this Post a Day Challenge and I figure those reading my blog will either get tired of hearing from me every day OR as I am hoping ….. tune in daily in eager anticipation to see what I am up to!   Of course if you have suggestions for a blog post or can give me any type of direction, I am all ears … seems we have alot to discuss and discover in the next 364 blog posts I will be creating!   One down and more to come!


2 Responses

  1. Happy to be blogging daily with you!

    After my Dell hard drive died for the second time in two years, I switched to Mac and I haven’t looked back. The transition is a little wonky (no forward delete on a Mac!), but I love it. I’d be happy to answer any questions, just holler.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog – I look forward to accompanying you on the daily challenge. Your blog and chocolates look great (and your herbs)!
    I think you will love your Mac and your Dell Girl days will soon be forgotten 🙂
    Happy New Year, Moll x

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