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Techno Thursday!

My technology topic for Thursday is going to be tough since I know very little about it, but I reasoned if I blog about it, I will have to gain some knowledge and hopefully look vaguely intelligent on the subject.   My son can vouch for my lack on this topic as he physically drew me a picture of how all this iPad, iPod, wireless, etc. stuff works.   I sat there in a daze and shook my head like I understood….don’t be fooled, I know nothing!

So where do I start?   Since we switched over to the AT&T U-verse program “just yesterday” and I am typing this right before that happens, I hope to be able to continue this post with the outcome.

I’m Here!!   Yes, the changeover to AT&T U-verse went flawlessly.  The whole process took 3 1/2 hours and I held my breath the whole time – can you imagine if there were problems and I couldn’t post today for the challenge … yikes!  The next test will be this weekend when I use my air card for the first time.  Although technology can be intimidating, it can also be sooo rewarding when it works as planned!

I caught on the news this morning the Consumer Electronic Show starts today in Las Vegas.  I watched as several featured devices were showcased and realized I really don’t have a clue!  I can just see me wandering around this show asking my questions and retreating at day’s end with an overload of “techno info” and convincing myself I needed some of these devices.

Since I created the Facebook Group for the WordPress Post a Day Challenge , I have connected with some great folks and decided to share a techno tidbit  here today on a confusing aspect on the WP blog.  

How to add an image to the sidebar.  I use WordPress.com and this is how I do it .. Once you have  your image (picture) in your Media Library which you will find in Dashboard under Media, click on the picture to Edit.  Find the File URL and copy it.  Then go to Appearance –>Widgets –>Images.  Drag Images to the location on the sidebar where you want it to appear and it opens up.  Add the Image URL with the paste function (copied earlier) and you can also add a Title if you choose and a Link if you want the image to take you somewhere else;  another blog or site.  Add the Width and Height and this you will have to adjust to see what looks the best on your blog.  I start with 100 x 100 and make changes.  Make sure to Save all this and take a look at your blog.  You can also add a caption as I have under the WP Challenge logo on my blog.

Hope this tip helps someone, if something is unclear or you have questions, please do ask.  Now time for me to go strut my Techno Self to the world out there!!

 Participating in the WordPress Post a Day 2011 Challenge!


2 Responses

  1. Wonderful little tip, thanks for sharing!

  2. Great tip Debbie. Can I also add that you can also add an image by choosing the text bar from your widgets menu. Some HTML images, especially website member badges, work better on the text bar rather than the image bar.
    I am going to copy the post every day WordPress badge from your site.
    Thanks again for sharing.

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