Feature Friday #postaday2011

Today is Feature Friday and I have decided to feature the ambitious folks who have joined me in the newly created Facebook Group for our WordPress Blogging Challenge.









As I started this challenge I was focused on my own areas of interest and narrowed down the topics I will cover on a daily basis.   As I read the blogs of the participants in the FB group, I see totally different areas of interest.   Some are passionate about music, others photography and for others writing is their deep focus.   I find myself caught up in their writings and my mind is exploring beyond my typical everyday thoughts.

Taking on the blogging challenge is helping us step outside our normal day to day world and see life through the eyes of others, share their passions and lend support and encouragement.   As I prepare my blog posts for publishing I am more aware of the people who will be reading my words and find myself anxious to read the works of others.   Tomorrow marks the one week anniversary of our challenge and I have one more topic to cover – Crafts.   I will be addressing yet another interest of mine and another internet culture I am a part of.   In each of my interest topics I have found groups of like-minded people, sites we all visit and forums we all post on. 

I am proud to showcase these fellow bloggers and am truly excited to share in their writings as we head on into the days ahead – each day or week taking a part of ourselves and sharing it with others… a grand challenge and a wonderful opportunity.

Participating in the WordPress Post a Day 2011 Challenge!


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing. I agree that it is so valuable to step outside one’s usual areas of interest, I am really enjoying exploring the other blogs in the group. The post every day/week challenge certainly is proving very exciting, and thanks for all your hard work and generosity maintaining the facebook group and twitter postings. Molly x

  2. Thanks for featuring my blog. I agree that reading each and every blog is inspiring and mind-opening. It is a great opportunity to meet people half way across the world yet all connected by the same challenge.
    I also look forward to reading your posts.

  3. Thankyou very much for highlighting my blog and your continuing daily reading, commenting and support. It’s encouraging to read and dive into all the above blogs. I’m lucky to have met and discovered some wonderful inspiring people so far. It’s such a pleasure doing this and i’m learning so much about myself, human nature and other people. There are some amazing topics and posts coming out in this challenge. It’s making my 2011 such an incredible experience.

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