Crafts, Crafts, Crafts

Crafts!!  What an exciting topic and such fun!   I love creating with my sewing machine or my Cricut machine (paper crafts) or just gathering flowers and twigs from the yard and putting together a masterpiece.   Nature has so much to offer the creative personality from painting to photography to simply gathering flowers from the garden and arranging in a wreath or displaying in a gourd vase grown and harvested right next to those flowers!   Over the years I have crafted soaps, candles, candies, pillows and quilts, woodburned designs and accumulated many books for ideas and inspiration.

Some people are blessed with the ability to turn basic materials into works of art in the matter of seconds.   I am not that gifted – at times it will take hours or days to create that look I am seeking.   Always in search ….. I spend plenty of time thinking of crafts!

You could say I become obsessed when I find a crafty interest that appeals to me.  This past year with the discovery of the Cricuit machine, a paper cutting device, I have amassed quite a collection of tools and products and spend hours designing.   I now have 2 Cricuit machines along with a Gypsy, stamps, papers and embossing powders to artfully craft for days!

Embossing, decorating a surface with a raised design, is a technique that amazes me and adds a professional touch to all your decorations.    You can dry emboss or use powders for a glossy raised effect on your image.   Dry embossing can be achieved by hand with a stencil and stylus or you can use a machine designed for this purpose – I have a Sizzix Texture Boutique.   You can enhance your cardmaking or scrapbooking designs with embossed backgrounds or design your die cut images with this technique.   Embossing with powders is a bit more involved and the procedure calls for stamping an image with a medium and then sprinkling embossing powder over this and heating with a heat gun to achieve a raised glossy outcome.

Once you start discovering the products available in the scrapbooking market, you are sure to find yourself wandering for hours pondering all the stickers, embellishments, punches, glues, papers and so much more!   There are magazines and clubs devoted exclusively to this craft and Expos are held all over the country offering classes and demonstrations of new products and techniques.  You can definitely save yourself money by creating your own cards and party decorations and they will be more personalized.   Even if you don’t have or want to invest in all the fancy machines and pricey embellishments, you can start with a pair of scissors, markers or paint along with your imagination and I bet you can create some outstanding works of art!



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