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Stay Unique with your Business

Standing out in a crowd is usually something we don’t strive to do; most times, we just want to blend in and go with the flow.   This is fine when standing in line at the bank or sitting in the audience at a movie theater, but not so when running a small business.   These days the internet is saturated with business sites, small and large, and standing out in a crowd is a necessity.   A small business not only has to grab our attention but also give us reason to return to their site.   Our initial contacts over the internet are quick and if our interest is peaked, we will bookmark the site for further research.   If this doesn’t happen the site is usually lost in the vast world of the internet.

If we have a name or logo that is easily remembered chances are we can be found again without much effort.   A simple, yet unique name along with repetition, will up the odds of our business site being found again.   Repetition is key.   The more an individual sees or hears your business name the more likely they will be to search you out and make sure to add you to their bookmarks.   Make it a point then to become involved in groups and forums, giveaways (have one yourself), challenges such as the Post a Day 2011 currently underway by WordPress, comment on blogs and fan pages and make sure you are real.   Don’t just zip through a list of blogs and leave the same comment.   Find blogs that interest you and be honest when leaving feedback and remember to stay positive.

Along the lines of a giveaway, you can also offer tips and advice in your field of expertise either as a page on your blog or website or offer to mail a free booklet along with an order or have a downloadable version available.   Make it easy to obtain with no requirements or hoops they have to jump through to get the information.   I see quite a few individuals using the free ebook format and as you read on you get more and more but you have to do more or pay more.   For me that approach doesn’t work and I usually leave the site never to return.

I spotted this article on Twitter this past week and found it loaded with great tips and valuable advice… Creating An Irresistible Brand.

Participating in the WordPress Post a Day 2011 Challenge!


5 Responses

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog…
    Interesting article and valuable information. I am forwarding on to a couple of guys I know starting a business, they will find this helpful since they are very internet intense in thier line of services.

  2. Thank you – hope there is something that works and helps them along with their business! Thank you for stopping by also!

  3. A Giveaway you say? Food for thought…

  4. Wow! I came to your blog to find out more about the FB group and then saw a web page with new business tips, branding, crafts and cricut all on the same page!!!

    I’ve just started a business last year and bought my first cricut a couple of months ago. I love it!

    I’ve signed up – don’t suppose you’re doing the blog buddy thing are you?

    • I saw the blog buddy post and hoped folks would join the FB group so we could all support each other … blog buddies! We have the same interests … are you my twin :-)) So nice to meet you Claire – can’t wait to share!

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