Keeping a Garden Diary

Over the years I have taken pictures and made lists for my gardens, but I never really kept track of what I planted or what actually was going on in my little garden world….and believe me, there is ALOT going on!  

See the little toad living under the pot?

Gardens are a little universe with a society of insects going about their daily lives amongst the towering framework of plants.   The plants themselves need a good foundation (soil) to thrive and much care is taken to assure everything is running smoothly.   So really good notes should be kept on record for future reference.   Notes to look back on and see what happened the previous year – what difficulties, the weather,  planting dates and  harvest dates …….


Last year I attempted to use calendar pages and document some of my gardening activity.   As I look back on the notes, I realize I need to keep more information.   In browsing through my new Mac computer, I came across a Garden Journal setup in the iWork Numbers program and I am pretty excited about this!   I will have to input my own data but I have a starting point complete with charts and picture placements.   I plan to document the daily weather also since this plays such an important role in gardening and this way I can track and compare the two different locations I garden at.   I may expand and track weather in a few different states also since we are contemplating a move to a warmer state … as I turn my head and glance outside at the heavy snow still falling … yes, good idea.    A section titled “In Search of the Ideal State” with columns for weather, soil conditions, etc.   Any suggestions for which states to include?


6 Responses

  1. Amazing photos. Is this another interest of yours? Thank you for sharing them.

  2. The pictures are beautiful… Always loved gardening however, over the years, the deer and moles in my area decimated my garden. I had to let them reclaim their territory…
    Hawaii, California and Florida are great for gardens … I live in NY, the seasons can be brutally cold and hot. 🙂

  3. Thank you for the kind comments 🙂 Hawaii, CA and FL will have to include in my list! Deer and moles can do a number on gardens.

  4. It seems that no matter where you garden, it is always warmer, cooler, wetter or dryer on the other side of the fence 🙂

  5. A garden journal? That’s fantastic! Nice to “meet” you as well. 🙂

  6. I was just looking at that garden journal as well, I’m thinking of making a hybrid with another numbers file that I can enter all my seed stash info into and seed starting info with germination rates, planting dates, planted outdoors, yield for edible plants, etc.

    I really need to get more organized when it comes to noting what’s going on in my garden – must become more like Thomas Jefferson in this area!!!

    Cheers, happy planning!

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