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A realization came to me a while back as I started taking pictures to add to my blog posts – some times (most times) you have to take a whole lot of pictures to “get the shot” you are looking for.   As you try to focus in on the buzzing bee or the fluttering bird you hope and pray it stays around long enough for you to capture that moment in a photo.    Some times you do and other times it’s gone before you even begin to focus.   Patience and persistence are two attributes that work well when zooming in for those Kodak moments.


For years I have had an account on  Flickr: Your Photostream and use it to hold and group my most precious pictures.   You are able to set up folders for different themes and add your photos to different groups on the website.   There are some fantastic people, photos and groups and even if you just dabble in picture-taking, you should check it out.   You can sign up for a Free account – not sure on the limits, but it works just as well as the Pro account.  

Just as I recently decided to become more serious with my blog posting and commit to the Daily Post, I also  took on the challenge hosted at the Shutter Sisters Group on Flickr.   The objective is to take and post a picture to the group each day of the year.   You would think taking a simple picture a day would be much easier than making a blog post, but it’s really not.   Both are a Challenge.   I find myself looking to portray meaning in that one photo I take each day … without words, with just a click of the camera.

The Challenge is forcing me to focus on what I am looking at and to actually see it.


2 Responses

  1. And a photo speaks a thousand words! Fantastic images. Love the most stylised foodie shots and the one of the frog! Congratulations. Julie

  2. Both are a huge challenge but we can do it. I like Flickr and have had an account there for a couple of years. I periodically stop in to look around and connect with people. However, even though I have Flickr slide-shows on both of my blogs, it’s not my main source for photos. It’s a great site nevertheless. Great shots.

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