Feature Friday = Facebook Fans

Today I decided to feature some of my Fantastic Facebook Fans!   My fan page is still somewhat new and learning all the functions is an ongoing process.   Anyone can create a fan page on Facebook and many use the page as an extension of their business.   I think my biggest difficulty with the page was and is trying to keep my personal page geared toward family and friends while using the fan page for business.   Another adjustment or learning curve is not treating Facebook like Twitter.   I was tweeting along my merry way … long before I took a serious look at really using Facebook.   I wanted to copy and paste and share everyone’s comments, stories and status updates … but, alas … that’s Twitter, not Facebook.

So as Twitter has #FF (Follow Friday) where users can spotlight their followers all day long by tweeting out their names #FF @RunningGarlic, I decided to Feature some of my Facebook Fans on this Friday!   I randomly picked 10 fans and have posted them in no specific order – just random.

By featuring the people who follow me (fan me), I can take time and read more about them…to get to know them better.    Hopefully, this small gesture will show my Facebook Fans I do appreciate their support!!

Thank you to ALL my Fans ….. and watch for your name to appear on Feature Friday!     Thank You 🙂

RunningGarlic on Facebook


6 Responses

  1. I love the facebook fan and group pages because it allows one to separate the private personal page from a more public business or general purpose page.
    Like you, I created my pages (Positive Kismet fan-page and Champagne & Caviar – Lets Celebrate Life! group) for the same reason; I want to keep my personal page private for family and close friends.
    Lovely job! I didn’t know you had a fan-page too! Will fan your page.

  2. I haven’t gotten the hang of Facebook fan pages yet – featuring fans is a nice idea!

  3. What a great idea! And now some new blogs to read…

  4. Very nice thought, I work as a social media consultant and i always tell my clients to stay in touch with the brand influencer and create a dialogue with them. Keeping them interested is like throwing a virtual party that everyone enjoys. I like your idea and joining you on the fan page.
    Let me know if you need any help regarding FB Fan Pages.

  5. A wonderful Idea. It’s nice to see someone who plays an active ‘community’ role.

  6. Wow!! Thanks for featuring my business page… Nicole’s Visions. What an honor. I love having my page on FB. It has not as of yet gotten me any sales, but it has gotten me out there more. This year I plan to really utilize it too. I plan to get more involved with the fans & provide more content than just look what I sell, buy something kind of thing. I plan to do a nice Zibbet interview thing on my business blog too. Just gotta get that list of questions just right so its not the typical interview.

    I love how social networking helps us!

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