Press those Flowers!

~ Now is the  time to bring a little summer sunshine into your surroundings ~  and I will show you how!

With temperatures dipping well below zero and winds gusting outside with a high pitch screech and lasting echo, it’s hardly time to think hot summer days.   Let’s … for a moment … forget the current outdoor conditions and relish in the past … the hot days spent lounging poolside, gathering flowers to adorn the table and taking a few sprigs here and there and “pressing them” to save for later.   As we gaze into the fire as we sip our hot cocoa, we can envision the swaying sunflowers dancing in the breeze.     Let’s talk flowers!

Using pressed flowers is not a new idea … earlier this year I created this post and it is an easy art to conquer.   I think we simply overlook all the possibilities to save those moments of celebration.   Saving our corsages, bouquets or even a bundle of  flowers picked up from the market will extend the memory and bring joy long after the event has passed.

My stash of saved pressed foliage has a variety of flowers, ferns and even herbs that were picked and pressed in heavy phone books for several weeks to several months.   I always thought the flower had to be small and flat to press successfully, but I have had great success with bigger and thicker flowers as well.   The trick is using heavier weights and longer drying time.

Working out your design and what you intend to create using your pressed flowers should be fun and care taken to handle the flowers carefully since they are now rather fragile.   Tweezers are ideal for handling and if petals or stems break off, you can glue right back into place.   The recommended glue to use for placement and also sealing is a product called Mod Podge.   It can be found at craft stores – most supermarkets also carry this product.

A favorite design I enjoy is using the flowers on cards for special occasions and special people.   There are many ways to use your precious flowers and there is no limit on what your imagination can create.

As you browse through the gardening catalogs on these cold snowy days, envision the colorful, fragrant fields of flowers you can grow or better yet… Jump in the car and head to the store for a bundle of beauty!   Enjoy them now and save some for later!


6 Responses

  1. Brings back memories of when K. was small and we made a flower press out of square of cardboard and rubber bands :o) Using pressed flowers of cards is a great idea!

  2. That should be squares, with an “s” – one square of cardboard definitely wouldn’t make a press LOL.

  3. One of the crafters I interviewed for my newspaper column does that art and it is beautiful and looks like fun. But she also recommends using stuff that you can pick right now -any winter weeds that are still alive will work. Great post on these cold days!

  4. Thanks for sharing! That splash of color in the winter is uplifting, like seeing a cardinal sitting among all the brown of the tree!

  5. I used to press flowers too. Memories. Thanks for the share.

  6. Thanks for the detailed explanation on making beautifully pressed flowers. My kids and I did some crafty flower pressing when they were kids but I must admit to not knowing much about it. Wonderful memories for me too. I like your last frame with the finish card and bag. Kudos! 😉
    Oh yeah, I’m on my vampire schedule again today… even if I don’t show up as the posts arrive in my box, I will make the effort to catch up. Don’t count me out yet 🙂
    Have a great week ahead!


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