Starting Seeds Indoors …Free seeds

 There is nothing quite like the feeling that fills your every cell when you spot those first seeds starting to sprout.   The excitement just wants to burst from your insides as you stare in amazement at the little green stems pushing their way out from underneath the dark black soil.

The journey that lies ahead for these tiny sprouts of green is nothing short of a miracle.   From tiny seed to fresh juicy vegetables and colorful blooming flowers in a matter of months …… a lifetime for most garden plants. 

These are my pepper seedlings which I started back in December.   Rather early to start seeds indoors for the coming season, but I have found peppers grow at a slower rate than other plants.   This year I want to transplant some big ole pepper plants into the ground!   That way I will be able to harvest peppers earlier than in the past … which was late summer.   I may need to transplant these into bigger pots before they find their final home in the outdoor garden.   I have attempted to start tomatoes earlier and they tend to get leggy and unmanageable so it’s best to wait on them for a few more weeks.

Back in November I also started some herb seeds indoors and they are doing great!   I plan to harvest some this week.   I am fortunate to have a nice setup of wire shelving racks with grow lights that supply constant heat and light for my little growing garden.   I do water at least every other day since the air in the house is very dry.

Can you name the types of herbs in the three pictures above?   Three common every day herbs ….   During the winter months I go through my saved seeds every few weeks and decide if there’s something I can start planting.   Since I have accumulated quite a number of flower seeds this past season (I am obsessed with saving seeds), I decided to send some along to you!   So watch for next week’s Tuesday post and how you can receive your free seeds.   It will be easy so don’t worry.

I also like to send a Thank You to Renee’s Gardens for the recent Media Kit they sent along with a packet of  Mesclun seeds (which I might just start any day now).  Thank You!

Also take a look at P. Allen Smith’s plant suggestions.   If you are new to gardening or looking for Spring ideas, bookmark his site which is filled with helpful ideas.

Happy Gardening Thoughts!!


12 Responses

  1. Oooo-o, you’re right, it’s so exciting to see your plants sprout! When I was a kid, I planted watermelon seeds wherever I saw a patch of dirt – then I would go back almost daily and dig down with my finger to see if the seeds had sprouted. After we moved, the maintenance guy told my dad he found watermelon plants EVERYWHERE! ~LOL~ When we get into our house, I’m going to set up a little square foot garden.

    BTW, That’s basil, dill, and I think, parsley?

  2. Yes! Basil, Dill and Parsley … good goin! I look forward to watching your garden grow – are you planting watermelon 🙂 I have Moon & Stars seed if you want some – just let me know!

  3. Me too, I can’t wait to watch your garden grow! I’ve been wanting to start my own lil garden. I don’t know if I have the time. I hear it’s time consuming, is that true?
    Lot’s of TLC is required…

    • Start small so you don’t get overwhelmed & that way you can get a feel for how much time it takes. A good tip is to pull weeds as soon as you see them, so that task doesn’t get out of hand. Once it gets going, you will be proud of your efforts and really enjoy the rewards…fresh tomatoes, spicy peppers, snappy beans 🙂

  4. I so wish I had a green thumb. My grandmother and mother could both grow anything – we I grow nothing. But thanks for sharing the pics!

  5. What a great start herbs inside during the winter months! I can’t wait to start planting!
    Basil, dill and parsley. But you’re missing my favorite-cilantro!

  6. Great photos of those sprouting seedlings. I love starting some plantings indoors and then transferring them outdoors; especially the one you mentioned. We planted some pepper on our balcony last year and they never quite made it… so I will look into the indoors. Lovely! 🙂

  7. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by AmolliesBoutique, Running Garlic. Running Garlic said: Starting Seeds Indoors …Free seeds : […]

  8. Now you have me all excited for spring:)

  9. The seed catalogs started arriving just after Christmas and continue today. I guess it is time to clean out the greenhouse and get things going.

    I tried starting peppers in January one year but I found that it really did not make much difference in our climate. They really don’t do well outside until late May here. We don’t usually get many peppers until mid August, but them they come on like crazy until they freeze sometime in November.

    I do start my tomatoes early and if they are tall and leggy, just plant them deep. I use Wall O Water to protect them when setting out and they do well. Usually have the first tomatoes by the 4th of July.

  10. I have a chia herb garden and am thinking about putting it together to add to the green in my house.

  11. You are so organised! the only thing I have on the go at the moment is (funny enough) garlic – which I planted early December and chilli peppers.

    You have inspired me!

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