What’s all the Twitter?

I can’t really say exactly when it was that I started using Twitter, but I know it has been more than a year and several Twitter names ago.   Like anything else I was reluctant to take the leap and expose more of myself out there to millions of onlookers.   Well, it’s safe to say, I have adjusted just fine and I have found many resources, blogs and even People I never would have otherwise.   It is a crash course in finding new connections in areas that interest you, slightly interest you and areas you never even knew existed.   Twitter is actually defined as a real-time information network that works on 140 characters that send a message out via Tweets all around the world.   That definitely is covering a whole lot of ground and as of September, 2010 there were 175 million registered users sending out 95M tweets each day!

I discovered Twitter Basics just recently looking for more information on a slight glitch I recently encountered with Twitter.   The famous or “not so famous” 2000 Following rule that I have seen referenced from time to time in a tweet.   I never thought “it” would happen to me!   I figured that 2000 limit cut off was reserved for spammers and those unethical folks on the internet … Not Me!!   Well …. each time I thought I just might be in the clear and would try once again to “follow” someone….Bam!  That message again telling me I had limits (I felt so ashamed … like I was actually doing something wrong).  Well, I am here to shed some light on this topic for those who travel this road after I and encounter the same shameful fate.

If you try to find information in the Help about the 2000 limit, you won’t find much.   Once you hit 2000 followers (people you are following) the Twitter GI Joe task force is awakened and shuts off your capability to follow any additional people until “the ratios” are right.   They state it depends on certain factors but they keep you guessing as to what those factors are and they are different for everyone.   So at this point, you have to just continue tweeting minus the all important Follow feature.  

The advice I am offering here is this — Follow those folks that really interest you.   At the beginning, you are click happy and seem to follow whoever follows you, but by the time you reach 2000 you really can’t go back and see all those followings without spending countless hours looking.   So avoid that … make sure you follow those folks that really interest you.   By the time I hit 2000 followers I finally understood the importance of Twitter and realized there were folks I really wanted to follow…..BUT now I couldn’t!

Hopefully, I shed some light on this topic.   The Twitter Basics I mentioned above really is a great guide to learn all the neat features that go along with using Twitter.   Just this week, I found I was able to follow once again :::sigh of relief:::  so if you see me over in Twitterland, make sure to add @RunningGarlic to your following.   I can’t guarantee I will follow back – I will only know when I ever so cautiously click that Follow button to find out!

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9 Responses

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Running Garlic, Running Garlic. Running Garlic said: What's all the Twitter? : http://wp.me/pJoEU-pj […]

  2. Great post! Great Twitter tips. I did not know that about the 2000 rule…will keep it in mind.

  3. I can only follow a bunch of 20 ppl or so without involving too much time, so sorry if I will not follow when followed :/

  4. I didn’t know such a thing exsisted. Thanks for the heads-up for the future.

  5. Me either! Who new! Thanks for the tip!

  6. I am not quite at the point that I want to be on Twitter – maybe someday but for now – I’ll stick with blogging.

  7. You got the twitter bug eh? And the following police are after you… Not to worry, it fades away once you push past 3500 or so and then it’s away you go.
    In my early Twitter days, I was on a lot chatting away. I still go on but not as much… tempus fujit. I still love twitter and have connected with a lot of really amazing people.
    I am following you now and have added you to my list 🙂

  8. Thanks for liking my PostaWeek blog post! It helped me find your blog, then, your Twitter feed. I’ve learned to follow and unfollow people in waves, depending on interests, topics, and the season of life I’m in, to keep the numbers in balance. Best of luck blogging! @geewhizkid.

  9. I had to UNfollow people just to let my true followers follow me. UGH.

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