Pound Puppy Feature!

How can you resist such a cute face?   Meet Billie Girl …. she just turned 1 year and is our latest puppy from an animal shelter.   I decided to showcase my pound puppies on this Feature Friday.   Not just my own puppies, but the people and places that put their heart and soul into caring for these animals that come to the shelters hungry, homeless and most times neglected.

Meet Augie and Frankie … this photo is close to 3 years old, so these pups are quite a bit bigger now and they are as lovable today as the day we brought them home.   I remember when we decided on a shelter to visit, I would spend hours browsing their website looking at all the puppies they had at the time.   Most shelters have some type of rules and a contract along with a fee for adopting a pet.

Each of my pups definitely has their own unique personality.   Here Frankie was a bit confused and thought the kitchen table was where he should take a nap.   He still likes to sit in the chair and keep an eye on things.

Animal Shelter.org is another website where you can locate a shelter near you.   I am very happy with our family of dogs and most certainly recommend checking your local animal shelter if you are considering adding a dog or cat to your family.

Augie loves running the property, while Frankie and Billie take time to enjoy the fireplace.


5 Responses

  1. Ah gorgeous! Nothing more loyal than the devotion of your pet.

  2. Ah so sweet! They look quite content. Our cat came from the local pound and he has been a source of much joy in our home.
    He also likes to nap on the dining table.., I wonder what that’s about 🙂 The pictures of your dogs are priceless…

  3. Aaah…they are so lgorgeous.

    And they are so lucky to have such a wonderful and loving home. Animals bring such love and warmth into our lives and thank you for the reminder that there are lots of lovely dogs in the pound looking for a new home.

  4. Oh, how adorable! They’re just too cute! I don’t own a dog, but I’m a proud owner of cutest long haired Guinea Pig you ever did see. I think I’ll post his picture…

  5. Precious! We are 100% pound puppy family. Our cat would have wound up in the pound, or sick, if we had not rescued him, so now I have a house full (2 large dogs & a cat). Wish I could comfortably take in more!

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