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Transplanting Peppers and Free Seeds!

Last week I promised Free Seeds to those who would like them.   All you have to do is send your name and address to mailbox@therunninggarlic.com and I will send them along to you.   The three flower seeds are pictured below and I will also be planting more in my own gardens this year.   The Coneflower is a perennial and will return each year while the two Marigold flowers are annual and the seed needs to be replanted each year.   The seeds are very easy to save so you will have these flower types for many years to come.   I have to limit my mailing of seeds to the United States since there are custom restrictions with sending seeds to certain parts of the world.

Coneflower – Echinacea purple

Mr. Majestic Marigold

Guardian Marigold with a Praying Mantis.   This praying mantis is about 4″ in length and he was one of the neatest bugs I have ever seen!

I transplanted some of my pepper plants last night to give the roots more room to spread out.   The key with transplanting is to be careful with handling the roots; try not to crush them.   I grab the plant by the upper half near the leaves … gently and repot.

Make sure to label all your pots.   It’s easy to forget at this point and then in a few months you will be guessing what you planted!

The pepper plants I have started are – Alma Paprika, Long Cayenne, Red Mini, Tam Jalapeno and Marconi.   The only one that seems to be having trouble starting is the Jalapeno … not sure why, but started another set of seeds last night.   I think I may need another sweet pepper or two.   I will be starting my tomato seeds real soon also … Amish Paste which are good for canning, Cherokee Purple which are absolutely delicious and Sungold – a first this year!


4 Responses

  1. Hi,
    Love the picture of the praying mantis – I have a beautiful picture of its mate! A brown one! They are such fascinating bugs!
    I sorted all all my seeds yesterday in to a sweet tin as to what I can plant in seed trays now or later in the year.

    Was it yourself who called it the tin of doom?

    Look forward to reading your veggie update throughout the year

  2. I love the spread of color; those flowers and the peppers are divine. Oh for a summer day to garden… Alas, we are snowed in, 😦

  3. Wow! Those tomatoes are stunning!

  4. The Mr. Majestic Marigold is indeed magestic! Love the patterning.

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