What Mac Cat Do I Have?

I am sure this is common knowledge to all the Mac owners out there, but it was news to me and not real easy to figure out!   I am envisioning the frowns and the thoughts of  … “what a newbie”.    That’s okay guys … give me a few months and I will be a Mac Pro!

First thing I realized was a good book of instruction was needed in the quest to discover everything the Mac computer has to offer.   So confidently, I strolled into the local bookstore and found the computer book aisle and scanning the shelves, it dawned on me ….  I have no idea what version of the Mac I own.   I could buy the latest version and hope that is what I had … or I could go home and figure it out.   Confidence swept aside, I retreated out the door and headed home.   Firing up the Mac and looking around was no help so I jumped to the all-trusting Google search and found this.   That answered my question and all this cat talk which quickly became a mystery as well.   

Next click … Amazon and a quick order for the correct Mac Cat book ….. which arrived rather quickly and is HUGE!

I am a information book fanatic so I really need this book to help me adjust to the new world of Apple Mac computing.   The first wave of uncertainty encompassed me when the brand new Mac arrived and as I turned this gleaming machine on for my first look around … I was excited,  then I tried to close a program and the familiar top right close click was not there!   I see the set of 3 glowing buttons over on the left-hand top BUT if  I click any of them will the machine blow up??   There I sit …. my first official encounter with your new Mac!

The book arrives and I anxiously flip through the mass of information.    I stop and read about Safari which is the internet browser that comes installed on the machine.   I read how to set up bookmarks so I have my every day websites a click away.   I read about the Dock which is all the icons on the bottom of my screen,  then I find the Dashboard …. oh what fun this looks like!   There is a handful of pre-loaded widgets that pop up with a F4 click like calendar, weather and even yellow pages.   Further investigating led me to the Apple Dashboard site where I can download over 3900 different widgets.   Wow…is all I can think.

So far I have just taken little steps with my new machine … call it cautious excitement if you will.   I did set my background screen saver and oh the joy of accomplishment in that small task!   Look out Mac world .. here I come and no more frowning down on this newbie … I am a Snow Leopard and have the book to prove it!


7 Responses

  1. Congrats! Not a Mac user myself but whatever the technolgy there is always a sense of elation when you’ve conquered the beast

  2. I think I am Snow Leopard too. Welcome to the world of MAC.

  3. all I can say is Wow too – thank you so much, I didn’t know about the Apple Dashboard site for extra widgets, I can see I’m going to be spending a bit of time on there!

  4. Wow, you have really jumped in there and developed some MAC expertise…good going! We got one last year, and my nerves constantly feel jangled when I switch back and forth between the PC and the MAC. I have just learned enough about the MAC to get by.

  5. Debbie, Congrats for the new Mac. I could totally reate to what you wrote. I learned Mac by an accident, when I had to work on a client’s machine and i had no idea that it was MAC.
    Take one step at a time 🙂 you will be a Mac pro in no time .

  6. Congrats on the new Mac! 🙂 I’ve been a Mac user for more than a year now, and I love them. I, too, had a hard time at first, since I was used to Windows. I didn’t buy a book, but rather, learned how to navigate my way through trial and error. Google helped me, too.

  7. What an adorable snow leopard… I think you should take him for a walk and make the neighbors jealous. One of my friends has a Mac and she picked up a virus via email. It’s still a superb machine so enjoy it! 🙂

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