Blogging Overload

Many of us participating in the WordPress Post A Day/Week Challenge have experienced the feeling of uncertainty as we jumped aboard embracing this challenge confident in our blogging abilities.   The first week or two was exciting and topics rambled through our heads … little sticky notes were posted everywhere with our ideas and plans.   A few dropped out but many continued on – the realization of what we had committed to took hold and questions started popping up in our minds.

Would we be able to continue writing daily or weekly and remain interesting, creative and informative?  The challenge to prove our writing abilities existed along with the ever-present challenge of our own personal worth which lurked quietly in the background.   The mind is a powerful tool, and while it is also a very powerful motivator, it will allow self-doubt to creep in and gain ground if we let it.  Then we will become frustrated and unhappy.    The key is to stop the self-doubt when it first appears.   A little trick that works for me is … the minute I realize negative talk is taking place in the echoes of my mind, I say “one word” and it jolts me away from listening and makes me focus elsewhere.   My one word is “Deborah” – I say this, nod my head in agreement and move past the bad talk.   When my daughter was younger, she would say my name “Deborah” in the formal version whenever she heard me saying or doing something negative.  I now use that same word to shake me back to my senses!

Learning how to move past the negative talk and looking back on the first month … We realize we are quite capable.   Encouraging Yes!   Only now… we have made it habit to not only create our blog post but to read and comment on fellow blog writers forming a network of like- minded people.   We offer support, ideas and the common bond that we can all do this!

  —>    Tiny little oversight …. there is not enough time to read, comment and balance the rest of our lives – there simply isn’t!   We start to feel guilty for not visiting everyone and that self-doubt voice is at it again!   What do we do now to jump over this new hurdle?

First, realize you do not have to do it all.   When time allows you will visit and comment on those blogs you have an interest in.   Keep mindful that this is something you should enjoy doing not something that carries a weight of obligation.   When the challenge first started I created this Facebook Group and it seems to be the center I work from to list my daily blog post and then scan the others in the group to see if there is something to read.  I can “Like” the post from the group or click their link and read leaving a comment in either place.   This allows me a one-stop place to add my support and motivation to others.   If I miss someone that’s ok too since there are others in the group who are also reading and commenting.   It’s a friendly group with people who realize we are all doing this together and it is a Challenge!

Although I want to believe I am Wonder Woman and can do it ALL … I am brought back to reality by my daughter’s little voice saying … Deborah!


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  1. I think your thoughts are echoed by many of my blogging buddies. I commited to a post a week – for this I am thankful as you can always increase the number of posts you write in a week. In fact I’ve been inspired by my postaday blogging buddies to write more..
    However, we are only February and it will be interesting to see how many of those on PAD will be there on 31st Dec. Not through want of trying or lack of commitment but purely down to information overload.
    Half the fun for me is reading and commenting on other peoples blog post – it is time consuming but enjoyable as you take peek into outher peoples thoughts and lives. However, I do groan slightly to myself when someone has written a really lengthy post on PAD say 1000 words plus, but I do try and read nonetheless because it has probably taken hours to write and me just 15minutes to read twice and comment 🙂

  2. The like button does wonders for us all. I recommend everyone use it. I receive daily posts via email and respond from there. I use the like button generously of late.

  3. Great post! I love your “little reminder” to snap out of it. As far as creating a post a day, I think you are Wonder Woman its a tough challenge, and you’re sticking with it that’s amazing!!

  4. Well said, I think you sumed up the way I have been feeling lately about reading and commenting 🙂 thanks for this post, and I will have to give your trick a try.

  5. Fantastic post! Thanks for reminding us that we’re not alone!

    Is it Deborah (3 syllables?). When my grandmother used to say it, she emphasized that it is definitely 3 syllables. That’s why I prefer most people to call me Debs…they just can’t seem to say my name correctly. Of course if I’m really in trouble it’s my first & middle names. 😀 I just sent a request to join the FB group.

  6. Thanks so much… i’m new to the group and felt overwhelmed at how to read them all, comment and still do what i had to do before when i was even behind then lol
    this helps a log…but the like button doesn’t work unless you have a wordpress blog.
    thanks again,

  7. Thanks so much for a great read, Deborah. The wall of self-doubt comes often for me. Is this worth it? Is what I have to say really worthwhile, especially every day???? I like your simple reminder of personal affirmation.

  8. A nice reminder – we don’t have to do it all!

  9. WOW! Well Said! I had similar thoughts today. Thanks for helping us remember. 🙂 Great Post!

  10. Self doubt…yes…I know that little voice that sits on my shoulder chattering away non-stop.

    My daughter is also good a breaking the cycle with interjections along the lines of “oh Mum…get a grip” or words to that effect!

    Wonder women of the World Unite!

    Great post – thanks. 🙂

  11. After years of blogging, I’ve actually found post a day freeing in a way I didn’t expect. When you only post two or three times a week, there is a certain amount of pressure to make each post meaningful – but posting everyday, I feel like that expectation has just fallen away. Some days I just post a recipe or a brief reflection on the day. Others, I find myself writing much more expansively. The sheer fact of writing every days puts it all out there and has produced articles that wouldn’t have been written otherwise because I wouldn’t have felt the need to sit down and write. Totally not what I thought would happen.

  12. Good post. Many bloggers have been examining their blogging priorities since the New Year arrived.

    The “blog hole” is bottomless . . . 🙂

    I love your technique of bringing yourself back to the reality of the moment with one word ~ “Deborah!”

    I use 3: Be Here Now.

    If you’re interested;


    * ttp://


  13. great post! 🙂

  14. Great post! There is every indication that the long haul is going to be haaard – so it is nice to get these tips of how each of us is making PAD happen. Thanks for sharing your strategy!

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