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12 Responses

  1. Spring is coming ~ right??!! This makes us feel more hopeful anyhow! :)) Happy WW!

  2. A perfect image of spring!

  3. I just love pictures of birds. I can never capture a good bird picture. Love this.

  4. Hooray! I put our suet feeder up recently and yesterday there were SO many happy birds chirping and singing 🙂 I love it!

  5. […] linked up with The Running Garlic for “Wordless Wednesday”.  So fun   Check out her blog to see the other […]

  6. I’m new to this network blogging thing, so I posted my Wordless Wednesday on “Skinny and Fit” , but didn’t reference back to this post so folks could see the other worless-ers. Here’s my updated post 🙂


    Love your blog.

  7. Your post yesterday totally made my day! I was thinking of spring all day long! Thanks again!

  8. Love the hope among the bare twigs!

  9. A nice fat robin! Yea! I hope he is correct, I am so done with winter!

  10. This “bud’s” for you!

    The First Robin of Spring

  11. I always wondered why we have robins here year round in the PNW. Turns out in the summer we have the ones that spent the winter way down south. In the winter our robins are the ones that spend their summers way up north.

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