Grow some Herbs!

Have you ever grown herbs in your garden?   How about a pot or two on a windowsill in your home?    Many people have and are Happy Herb Growers … best part is … it’s relatively easy.   Growing herbs indoors in the winter takes a bit more of  your attention, but if you watch the progress on a daily basis, you will be successful.   A warm sunny windowsill is required or grow lights working 10-12 hrs. a day.    The air in the home is very dry so the soil will need watering almost on a daily basis if under grow lights.   At first the seedlings will grow slowly, but once established they will take off.   What better thrill when you are cooking dinner and you can turn to your herbs, snip off some basil, parsley or oregano to add to your meal and impress your guests with your cooking skills and also your gardening expertise!

I always include herbs in my gardening plans and this year is no exception.   I started several herbs back in November and they are at the “taking off” stage in their growth.   Here is my Dill …..

I love the taste and smell of Dill and I have found planting the seeds all together so the herb grows in a cluster works well since it can grow up to 4-5′ in height and this method supports each individual plant.   Dill requires full sun once planted out and once the days become extremely hot, it will bolt and go to seed.   The neat feature with Dill is that you can use the leaves, the flower head and the seeds in your food preparations.   Using the flower head along with other herbs and spices is recommended when canning up pickles.   Dill works great on seafood, in cheeses, breads and salads.

Drying dill for later use is an easy process.   Snip the amount of dill or other herb (basil, oregano, sage)  gather in a bunch and tie the stems.   Hang upside down in a cool, dark location and in a couple of weeks you have dried herbs.   Find a glass or plastic container for storage and use generously in your cooking adventures.   Experiment with different combinations in your garden and in your kitchen.   The fresh flavors that herbs offer can turn an ordinary meal into a work of art!

I am thinking of adding that bunch of dill to some grated ginger and lemon along with white wine vinegar and oil for a nice salad dressing….oh, and I can’t forget the garlic!   What do you think … time to grow some herbs in your garden or on that lonely windowsill??


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  1. I have never tried growing fresh herbs, but I really want to. Last year I boxed of an area in the yard for gardening but sadly we never planted anything:-( This year is going to be different, and I glad I found you for tips and tricks.

  2. Just found your blog from searching wordpress on “gardening” & I really like it! Especially this post. I just planted some herbs for indoors too, & posted about it last week on my blog. I’ve never tried dill but yours looks beautiful! 🙂

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    p.s. “The Running Garlic” is a really funny/catchy name. It made me smile!

  3. The husband and I currently have rosemary in the garden and a pot of garlic chives. We will add basil, oregano and thyme to the mix very soon.
    BTW, why does the garlic from the local grocer have green centers? Is it old?

    • It sounds like it is starting to sprout so yes it’s been around for a while. Still edible but not fresh. Good assortment of herbs – my oregano came back last year but then I moved it to the other house and it didn’t survive 😦

  4. Planting season doesn’t start here in NoVA till late April or May, but I always include fresh herbs in my flower garden. We don’t raise other vegetables anymore but love perennials and herbs. The sage, mint and lavender come back year after year and are a great joy. I always start basil and other herbs on the windowsill. I can’t wait till spring and your blog is a sunny reminder that it isn’t so far away.

  5. I’ve pretty much got a black thumb- but even I have succeeded with an herb garden in the past. I’m just about ready to get one started at my new house!

  6. I wish! I totally don’t have the windowsill space to grow herbs (shaded south-facing windows and north facing windows only) – though I have a “studio” out back that I have thought about converted to a bit of a growing greenhouse during the winter as well. Come summer though? I’m all over the herbs and other garden goodies. That dill looks yum!

  7. My favorite to grow is basil ~ right next to the tomatoes and peppers.

    And mint . . . for mint juleps.

  8. I bought some garden seeds today. Some herbs I grow pretty easily. I really love cilantro, but haven’t managed to grow it thus far.
    We hope to start working on a green house soon.

  9. I grow basil, parsley, oregano, and dill with good luck every year. The parsley seems to last two years then I replant. I have less luck with cilantro and thyme. I grew some Thai basil last year. It did well, but we did not like it. Oh well.

  10. I was growing rosemary and basil before I left my house in Japan. I have not been there since September, but my rosemary is still alive (so says my house-sitter)!!!! I will finally be returning next Friday to Japan and am going to grow some parsley, dill, more basil, and continue with my rosemary. =)

  11. I love growing herbs- not tried growing Dill but will have to give it a go as it is a herb I use. I am currently growing (in the garden)
    Rosemary, Sage, Marjaram, Chives, Lemongrass, Garlic and some reluctant parsley which is gasping to survive. I’d like to grow some Tarragon.
    thanks RG you have just reminded me to write to a friend in the UK to send me some seeds!!

  12. Hi there! I love all the info you provide on your site. I’m a new gardener, and I have a ‘dumb’ question: when you said you plant your dill seeds together to get a bushier plant, does that mean you dump them all in the same little hole? The reason I ask is that I just planted some herbs but the seeds were so incredibly tiny, and I wasn’t sure how many to put in each hole, so I just put a pinch in each. I was hoping I didn’t mess it up! They’re starting to come up nicely, but I’m wondering if I should have put more. Thanks!

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