Me and My Blogs …

I just recently set up another new blog for “Munchie Monday” and I created it in a matter of minutes.   I must be getting good at it, eh?   Actually the more you work with something, the better and quicker you get at achieving your final results.  I do have a few blogs … this one, The Running Garlic, the one I just created for Munchie Monday and Garden Dish.   These three will be the blog triangle I work within.   There are a few others I have created in the past…all a learning experience and although they still remain intact, my interests have evolved.   I remember being quite intimidated by this whole blog concept and publishing my first post was such a scary experience.   The hesitation before clicking that “Publish” button was REAL and finally telling myself to “Just do it” was such a dramatic achievement.  Now I rarely hesitate once I am ready to Publish.   That speaks volumes to me about getting out there and doing something we are unfamiliar with.   I must admit I do try to learn all I can about subjects that interest me, but I think the tricky part with blogging is – You have no clue who is reading your words and you most definitely do not want to make a fool of yourself (even though you don’t know who you would be making a fool of yourself in front of).   It’s that fear and that funny voice in our heads creating doubt.   Needless to say, I won out over that voice and since participating in the Post a Day Challenge I really enjoy my blogging.   I am excited to add content to the other blogs because I know it will be fun!

There are plenty of neat features between all the themes and layouts and different settings with the WordPress blog to keep you busy and your mind active.   Learn WordPress is a great start to learn many of the basics and as I said before the more you work with something, the easier it gets.   There are different ways to set up features on the blog and even one to set yourself private from the world, so if that aspect frightens you, as it did me…set it to private.   With my gardening interests I have found that documenting daily or weekly activity, weather and problems in the garden with a blog is an excellent tool.   It allows you to quickly look back at the year before and see what was happening and what you were planting, your harvest and your pictures!   Priceless

I have also found that I go out of my way to experience different things or take photos that I never would have if I didn’t have a blog to talk about the experience.

So if you are thinking of setting up a blog, I encourage you to do so.   No one needs to read it.   I am betting though by the time you experience the ease and the fun that blogging adds to your life, you will be anxious to share it with ….. whoever is reading it out there!


9 Responses

  1. Wow,

    You are a glutton for punishment with 3 blogs! I’m impressed! Are you superwoman? 🙂 I could only manage one…
    I have enjoyed the “techie” side of blogging and overcoming the challenges (or not) it presents
    Good luck with your other 2 blogs 🙂


  2. I also have many blogs – some more active than others! But like you, really enjoy being in dialogue with the wider world on a regular basis. I’ve blogged for six or seven years now pretty consistently and wouldn’t go back on almost any of what I have said or posted, even as I have evolved in my ideas and interests! Lately there’s been all sorts of articles about the death of blogging and blah blah blah – but for those of us who are in the blogger community I think that’s pretty irrelevant, because we keep doing it anyway!

  3. I agree. Blogging is intimidating to start, but quite addictive once you take the plunge! I was reluctant to start my blog (where I choose a favorite daily painting) but once I did, it opened up a whole new world! I find myself thinking of new blogs to start almost daily! Of course, I don’t. They are such a commitment… But also so much Fun!!

  4. Since I’d already written on line for 2 years (on WEbook), starting a blog and posting my first post was not too scary . . . but blogging is FUN!

    Blog on!

  5. I have many blogs, too. I don’t know why people limit themselves to one! LOL.

    People think I am nuts for having so many, but I have a tendency to start blogs for a specific challenge or a goal or a work project… it just works. And it is SOOO easy… so grateful to hear of other people’s addicti….. I mean… um…. devotion.

  6. This post makes me want to create a second blog. Like you made reference above, there is something kinda relaxing and almost therapeutic about blogging.

  7. I remember creating this blog and my first post, I have two blogs. I am enjoying my new hobby and I am looking forward to what lies ahead in my world of blogging.

  8. Blogging is definitely theraputic…
    Good for you and keep the creativity flowing.
    Thanks for joining the blog hop.

  9. i’m interested in the many blogs “running at the same time phenomenon”, it’s very hard for me to run one, let alone spread myself over targeted topics in a number of them..i give a big cheers to those that can .. cheers !!

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