Moon and Stars Watermelon

The past two years I have grown Watermelon in my garden – Moon and Stars to be more specific.   It is very sweet and the name is derived from its appearance.   In the photo above you can see a large yellow spot (this is the Moon) and all around the Moon are Stars which can be seen below on the outer skin of the watermelon.    The melon grows the size of a large basketball and the very first watermelon I harvested was not ripe!   I was overly excited and I checked every day to make sure it was still doing well.   Finally I couldn’t take the wait any longer and convinced myself it was ready – it wasn’t;  the inside was still pale yellow.   If you research finding the right time to harvest, you will see the thump method (which I don’t quite understand yet) and the spot on the ground turning yellow/orange method.   What I did was counted the days on the seed pack and marked that on my calendar.   This was the date I aimed for harvesting watermelon and I have been successful.

You do need quite a large area to grow watermelon since the vines do take on a life of their own and grow and grow!   Melons also require a growing season of 90-100 days so if your season is shorter, you may want to start a few seeds indoors.   They should be transplanted out when the soil is warm.   I started indoors and lost a few in the move so plant extra if you plan to start seeds indoors.   Plant in a sunny location and make sure they are always watered.   This year I will be planting a few up North and hopefully have enough time for a successful harvest.   The area further down South has about a month or so more growing time and I know they grow tons of watermelon down there.   Last year during one of our trips back and forth, we spotted a huge truck packed with melons ….. I thought what a good photo that would be!   Maybe this year I can get that shot!

Since winter time is not the usual season for enjoying a fresh watermelon from the field, I posted a Watermelon Cookie recipe to bide us over until we can get our hands on the real thing!   Make up a batch and Enjoy as you dream Watermelon Dreams!


8 Responses

  1. I adore watermelon! We buy big seedless melons, and cube up about 1/2 or 1/4 at a time to keep in the fridge for quick snacks.

    These moon and stars melons are gorgeous.

    Thanks, RunningGarlic

  2. I like watermelon, but with just the two of us we can’t eat enough. Every year we try to grow cantaloupe, but never get much of a yield.

  3. Those are beautiful! Can’t wait to start making watermelon martinis once they are back in season 🙂 Nice work!

  4. I Rg, would love to grow these but not enough space. 😦
    I am going to try the small honeydew melons this year and see how I get on 🙂

  5. Watermelon, one of my favourites food on summer! Is so refreshing and sweet!

    It is a pity we are not in season for eat it yet :S

    great post again, garlic 😉

  6. oh, I wish I had enough garden to grow watermelons! Yum! Love the name of these and the moon and stars pattern.

  7. I am growing the moon & stars right now, but have not seen any “moons” on my melons yet. Do the moons develop as the melons get larger, mine are between 2-10 pounds at the moment. Also, my vine has started to wilt, can’t tell if it is a fungicide or some environmental condition, any thoughts?

    • I usually see the yellow spots not long after the melon starts growing – the leaves also have yellow spots on them. I do notice the moons at a later time. Not sure about the wilting vine – I know I make sure the watermelons receive plenty of water especially now with our very hot temperatures.

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