Crazy Cardinal and Edible Bird’s Nest

I mentioned this female cardinal a while back and she is at it again.   She will fly into the window for some unknown reason and I actually caught it on video this morning.   At first I thought she saw something in the house and moved things out of the way so she would stop.  I was concerned she was going to hurt herself.   After watching the video, I can see her reflection in the window and I got to thinking maybe she is flying at her own image for some reason.   The male cardinal is not far away when she does this so it’s possible she is guarding her space from another female cardinal.   Watch the video – she doesn’t hurt herself and the dogs usually start barking at her insane behavior and she leaves after a few minutes.

The video of the crazy cardinal fits the theme of today’s cookie craft!   Perfect for the upcoming Spring season and Easter celebrations.   These simple to make bird nests will add a special touch to your parties and celebrations.

Bird’s Nest Cookies

1 lb. chocolate or vanilla candy coating

2 cups chow mein noodles

2 cups corn flakes, chopped

Mix the noodles and corn flakes gently with a rubber spatula.   Melt the candy coating in the microwave and pour over the dry mixture.   Blend until all is coated evenly.   Drop onto wax paper and shape into a nest.   You may have to work to create the shape you are trying to achieve.   Place the nest shapes in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to harden.   Add M&M candies to the center as your eggs.


8 Responses

  1. oh these are the cutest things! and so easy 🙂 Pretzels would be great too 🙂
    thank you 🙂

  2. The Video is incredible. Perhaps it is her reflection in the window she is attracted to.
    Loved the birdnest sweeties…

  3. Glad she hasn’t hurt herself so far. But she can kill herself – or seriously injure herself – by doing this.

    It is most likely caused by the reflection of something – herself or otherwise. If you can put something over the window to break up the lines of whatever reflection she is seeing – it may help.

  4. Thanks All 🙂 .. yes, I am concerned she will hurt herself – she has done this in a different window also, so I am thinking it is her own reflection she is bothered by. I have never seen this type of behavior before.

  5. Those are absolutely Adorable!!!

  6. Those are adorable.

    I’ve made something similar (with butterscotch chips) but never thought to decorate the nests with M&M eggs.

    Male birds (especially during mating season) will fly at their reflection in windows and can kill themselves in the process. I guess females do it too. Not sure how to remove the reflection. Maybe there will be some suggestions on line?

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  8. What a cute idea! I’ll have to try this with my daughter this weekend.

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