Bunnies Love Green Beans

Green beans are good for you, easy to grow in the garden and the bunnies will devour them before you have a chance to wink your eye.   They don’t seem to care that you spent hours planting, weeding and watering your beans anticipating the day of harvest.   They will even stare you in the eye as they munch away oblivious to the fact that this is YOUR garden and not theirs!   There are quite a few greens bunnies love and green beans are on the top of their list!

I established a new garden out in the far part of the yard several years ago and although I had it fenced in …Mr. or Mrs. Bunny found a way in and enjoyed every single bean growing.   I would see movement and run out waving and yelling only to arrive and see the bunny still munching and going no where quick – just looking at me like I was some half crazed human.

You would think scary Gargoyle would have the situation under control.   Needless to say, that year I had no beans and actually removed the whole garden out that way, since it was too far to keep an eye on.   The year before a squirrel climbed in and had a daily party with the Blue Corn growing.

Last year I planted TriColor Bush Beans from Renee’s Garden close by and had a nice assortment for freezing.   I will be adding a post to GardenDish this week with some of the frozen beans I have packaged up.   Beans are easy to grow – just keep the area fenced in if you happen to have a bunny or two around.   Plant the seeds directly outdoors when the soil has warmed and the danger of frost has passed.   Plant 1″ deep and 3-4″ apart in rows 1 1/2 – 2 ft. distance.    Planting seeds several weeks apart until the end of June will assure a continuous harvest throughout the season.   There are many different varieties and types of beans from bush to pole to snap beans and dried beans.   Try some different types and you will discover some new and exciting dishes to serve.

TriColor Bush Beans with fresh Dill (watch for recipe later this week)

Grow some Beans … just watch for those Bunnies!


7 Responses

  1. Poor vegetables!! Cunning bunnies!

  2. i love your gargoyle! very cool. i am definitely planning on planting beans. i don’t think it is quite time here though. i have never seen a bunny, but they could be out there!

  3. Looks yummy. Can’t blame the bunnies a bit! 😉

    We had deer that enjoyed our garden ~ one year, they cropped all the tomato plants down to little stubbies.

    Who knew that deer liked tomato plants?

  4. I also grew a tricolor blend last year and *loved* the amount of beans that came out of my garden. I managed to freeze some for minestrone soup making this winter, but ate most of them straight out of the garden. This year I will definitely be planting more green beans!

  5. My friend, Ericka, grows green beans every year. There are no bunnies in her yard, but her kitties love to lie around under the plants!

  6. You know what that cute lil’ bunny is thinking? What’s her secret? Tee-hee….Precious! Love it! TriColor Bush Beans dish looks good!

  7. I love the french beans we have here…they grow in a bush rather than up canes. I won’t mention the “B” word they seem to have left us alone at the mo…bean seeds are in and already wI am seeing radish and spinach..just appearing 🙂

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