Happy Spring … Cleaning!

When I was young I dreaded “spring cleaning”.    It seemed new chores were created so we could spring clean; such as, emptying out the kitchen cabinets and pantry and washing down the shelves or taking every single item out of the garage and sweeping it thoroughly.    We had plenty of chores to begin with and this spring event just tacked on more!    As you ventured out into the neighborhood, it seemed everyone was spring cleaning … busy sweeping and dusting making everything sparkle.   Garbage day was huge with stacks of old junk thrown to the curb for pickup.

Spring Cleaning was an Event!

 … and everyone had to participate or they weren’t Clean …

Nowadays …. I enjoy Spring Cleaning.   Not the actual physical labor of hauling unwanted goods out or scrubbing walls and ceilings for that shine, but the feeling of satisfaction.   Removing the unnecessary clutter that  just doesn’t belong anymore.   I enjoy the deep sigh of relief after a good week of spring cleaning and I feel good that everyone in the neighborhood can nod that “nod of cleanliness” my way as I pass by their home.

Happy Spring … (Cleaning)!


7 Responses

  1. I looove spring cleaning! Just started my big overhaul last night and there’s plenty more to do! The part I really love about spring cleaning is using paler colors than in winter and reorganizing the house!

  2. I’m starting tomorrow and looking forward to it. Not the cleaning part so much but, as you mentioned, the satisfaction of it all.

  3. I’m with you . . . it’s not the physical effort I love, but its aftermath.

    Clutter busting always puts me in a lighter and brighter frame of mind.

    Thanks, Debbie!

  4. I prefer doing spring cleaning in the garden instead of the house. 🙂

  5. just had a big flood in the basement so our spring cleaning started a bit earlier…

  6. Ohhhhh I’m with you! I HATE Spring cleaning! lol…

  7. […] Happy Spring … Cleaning! « The Running Garlic. The only way I can agree with The Running Garlic is that I would love to get rid of the clutter. Over the years, more and more “things” have accumulated and then just stayed beyond their “welcome”. Now, as I look around the house, there are bookcases full of books I haven’t looked at in years; boxes I no longer know what was packed away “because I know I’ll need this one day”, and closets I don’t look in. When I grew up, if the walls were getting dingy, it was time to paint. I don’t think I ever knew anyone who actually cleaned base boards until I once went into therapy. Thinking back, I believe they must have been obsessive/compulsive. Now that I have been partly handicapped for over 10 years, and there are so many things out of my reach, dust has become ordinary and “spotless” a thing of wishful dreaming and pictures in magazines. When I grow up…I’ll hire a live-in maid. […]

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