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Spring Daffodils

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

5 Responses

  1. Lovely! We planted our spring bulbs too late and I am afraid we wont see the flowers this time around.

  2. Oh, those are gorgeous! Daffodils are awesome.

    Thanks, Debbie

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  4. Don’t you just love daffodils? They are one of my favorites and I get so excited everything Spring when they dependably start pushing through the ground. They are just starting to come up here, confirming that Spring is on its way. I keep planting them, all kind of colors, sizes and bloom times. At times I think it is so traditional and rather boring and I should do something a little more exotic, but then Spring comes and they bloom and I think no, this is just perfect. Thanks for the pictures!

  5. Those are from our place down south where Spring arrives sooner or at least the flowers come alive sooner. I did bring a vase back up here to enjoy. I notice quite a few of wild daffodils down there also – smaller version and appearing all over..nice blasts of color appearing out of nowhere!

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