SHE is going to plant a Garden!

SHE is my daughter!

She is away at college and plans to continue going through the summer.   During our phone conversation she tells me she is going to plant a garden!   Beside the fact that I managed not to faint, I wasn’t sure I heard her right.   She feels she will be bored after classes and work and needs something to do …. so she figures a garden will be a good project.   She has a yard (and there’s really not grass, and the soil is “not sure”, and she likes tomatoes and watermelon).

So I am to email her instructions how to garden.

I offered to send her seeds since I have plenty, but she said “nah, isn’t it just as easy to just get them at the store”      me:  “but I have good seeds”

nevermind … we will just go with it

I am told to just email instructions later today.

Dear Daughter:

Since your gardening season will start earlier than ours here, make sure to pick up seeds the next time you are out.   I will make sure to save you some of the seedlings I have growing under the lights and you can add them to your garden (if you want).    You will need a shovel or hoe to break up the dirt in the area you plan on growing your garden.  I don’t think bunnies will eat tomato plants or watermelon unless they are different down there.  You probably don’t know your last frost date there … can you google it?  This is somewhat important since the little sprouts will die if hit with a cold frost and you will have to start over again.

Ok… read the instructions on the back of the seed pack.  You can start the seeds indoors but you will need pots (which you can make on your own with newspaper – if you do this, I will send you a link).   Otherwise, take the seeds from the packette and put into the ground spaced as stated on the package.   Both tomatoes and watermelon will GROW so allow plenty of space.  The tomato plants will need some support which you can also make on your own with large sticks and string.   As the season moves along, you want to make sure to keep the weeds under control – pull them when they are small since it will be easier at that time.   What is a weed you ask?   Well,  just remember where you planted  your seeds (mark the spots with a stick or something) and anything that grows elsewhere is a weed and pull it out.

Keep the plants watered but don’t over water since this can be not good – they just need enough to grow….like a good drink every once in a while.   You will get the hang of it.   Just call me or better yet send me pictures if you have a question.   I want to SEE pictures anyways……I am excited for you and sad I can’t be there to show you how to do this.   I am betting that you are going to have some Awesome tomatoes and watermelon (heck, probably even better than the ones I plan to grow).   Keep me posted!

Love always, Mom


6 Responses

  1. What a very sweet mom you are! Great garden advice for your daughter!

  2. That’s a wonderful letter!

  3. How FUN! I hope her tomatoes are awesome ~ that’s my favorite thing to grow since they are always MUCH better than store bought.

    We don’t really have room for a garden here, but I’m going to get a few EarthBoxes for the deck so I can have tomatoes and peppers.

  4. Sweet letter! I’m happy to learn you didn’t faint. You do offer some great tips! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. Isn’t it great to see what our kids take with them when they leave home – you apparently have instilled a love of gardening in yours :o)

  6. This is sweet. I think I’ll encourage my daughter to do the same thing when she’s older. I do hope she gets her grandfather’s green thumb. And hopefully, I’ll find my own green thumb when we start her own garden together. 🙂 Thanks for this wonderful idea!

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