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Calling all Generation Y Gardeners

Recently I learned that another young lady in my circle of family is going to start a garden this summer!   I am really excited,  and I hope to share in her gardening adventures and have already picked out some pepper and tomato seedlings to add to her plan.   She will be graduating college in a few weeks and her nutrition studies will be an excellent foundation for some Healthy Garden Grown dishes.

I will share her stories and adventures here, but I am hoping she will start a blog of her own where she can post photos and videos and relate first-hand how it feels to garden.   Tracey will be a recent college grad and falls into the Generation Y category (these are children of Baby Boomers).   My own two children are also from the same generation, so I can fully relate and there are some very important observations I can share.   The young adults from this generation (born 1982-2000) are very computer savvy and have grown up in a time where much of their social interaction has been via the computer.  They are very keen on information and have traveled the world through the social media giants such as Facebook, YouTube and MySpace.  

They can harvest quite a bounty of crops on Farmville, and although I have never played this internet game, I am hoping there is a wealth of information to be gained there.   Does it encourage the young adults to actually get out and start their own garden?

Actual hands on gardening, digging in the dirt and pulling weeds, is something they may have watched their parents do or talk about … but they never took on this feat themselves.   They will look in awe at canned pickles or tomatoes in disbelief and wonder.    There are pictures of ancestors in the fields harvesting the daily meal but not many Generation Y adults have had the experience …

My hope is that through Tracey’s learning and growing right here on the internet, maybe…. just maybe a whole new Generation that has let the gardening tradition pass them by will … 

Stop and reclaim the right to Grow their own Food.  


9 Responses

  1. With you as their encourager they will do great!

  2. what generation am i? i was born in 1969, and i think a lot of people my age have turned to gardening. i know i was inspired first by my grandfather and now by my mother who is a master gardener and a master naturalist. it is exciting to think that no matter how “modern” we get, there will be still be an interest in working in the dirt!!

  3. Looks like you are a Gen X since the Baby Boomer years end 1964. A master naturalist sounds interesting – what a fantastic couple of role models you have for advice!
    Thank you jeanne for the confidence!
    Debbie 🙂

  4. Master Naturalist? I’d love to know more about that.

    Debbie – Encouragement, support and bringing laughter into our gardens…… this is what motivates people around us (our family, our neighbours) to start and keep at gardens! I hope your niece has an excellent first year, one of many into a future of becoming truly engaged with our food supply and our earth!

  5. Gardening and eating locally grown food = priceless.

    Thanks for sharing your tips with gardeners of all ages.

  6. Wonderful that she’ll be starting a garden and not just relying on Farmville as her ‘outdoor activity!’

  7. i tend to kill everything i try to plant! i’m off to buy a little planter in a few weeks and attempt to grow some things this year – very daunting!!! anyhoo – i enjoy your posts so i’m awarding with you the versatile blogger award! http://zenmamajo.wordpress.com/2011/04/01/and-the-versatile-blogger-award-goes-to/ – looking forward to reading your fun facts!

  8. Great post, I’m the tail end of Gen X (1977) and can say I have way more fun in the real garden than playing any Facebook game.

  9. I’m a GenXer and LOVE to get my hands in the dirt. My love for gardening stems from my upbringing…rural area, very communal. I took it for granted, until I moved to the Chicago burbs. Now I have a veggie garden (in SIP’s) of my own….nothing near what I grew up with, but the pride and yummy goodness never changes. I also take my kiddos ‘back home’ to where I grew up, where gardening and canning is still VERY prominent.

    Nice to meet you! Thanks for visiting my blog today!

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