Traveling back and forth

I never really paid attention to the length of the state of Illinois until I started traveling it back and forth.   It is a long state and the scenery is pretty much the same the whole ride until you come across a town along the way – then you have scenery and activity.   Of course I am referring to my travels down south along the interstate and I have become real familiar with flat lands, corn and lots of rural life!   It can be considered quite amazing …

This is a massive amount of corn … put it into perspective compared to the truck or the home in the picture.   This is last year’s harvest and right about now the farmers are either readying the fields or actually planting for the new season.

Between the fields of planted crop there are farms … some freshly painted, some with cows and many others that are just falling to ruin.   It is a great shame to see these huge buildings which were built  many, many years ago just falling to the ground.   I am, of course, making the assumption that the upkeep and repair is just too much.

Can you image the stories that these great buildings hold, the long days and hard work …..

The men, women and children who have walked among these great buildings.   The sweat and tears that have fallen among those broken boards …

 memories that we can only hope will live on forever.


7 Responses

  1. what shocked me most about the illinois plains are all the oil drills – i didn’t realize there was that much oil in these parts!

  2. I have always loved old barns and covered wooden bridges. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great photos, RG. I enjoy seeing barns dotting the countryside.

    They’re probably empty because factory farms have replaced rural farms in the food chain. Such a shame ~ the switch has been bad for our health, bad for the farmers, and bad for the earth. 😦

  4. I love the pics of old buildings!! I can’t stand the thought of them falling to ruin. But I am glad when, if they must be torn down, the pieces are reused in new buildings!

  5. I love looking at that landscape in pictures, but you’re right it can be such a dull drive.

  6. Nice photos. I wonder if that corn is destined for subsidized ethanol?

  7. I love barn photos. When I drive by old, abandoned houses, I always wonder about the lives and stories they could tell.

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