First Farmer’s Market and Wind Turbines

This past weekend I was able to visit my first Farmer’s Market of the year!   We were down South visiting our daughter at school and she had an assignment from one of her classes … visit a Farmer’s Market and write a report.   She asked if I wanted to join her …….. heck yea!   The markets further up North don’t start rolling for another month so this was Great!

She was thrilled with the jar of  honey we purchased for her since she now enjoys drinking tea each morning.   I think she was not thrilled with the fact that I was taking her picture ……    I also purchased some herbs and flowers for my own garden.   It was a gorgeous day at the market!

I have taken photos and even a video of these wind turbines which we pass on our trip down and I happened to take a few more this time.   What I found interesting as I flipped through my Organic Gardening magazine when I arrived home was a short article about these wind turbines.   It states that they Grow Better Crops!   What happens is these giant, and they are GIANT, turning metal designs create a gentle turbulence , more favorable temperatures and more air exchange with the plants.   More carbon dioxide is received and the blowing air helps dry the leaves reducing risk of fungal infections.   While the wind turbines are constructed to generate electricity this newly discovered benefit is being eagerly researched.

When we first started seeing semi trucks carrying these huge metal constructions, we likened them to parts of an airplane.   Now we know better …. they are parts of a wind turbine.   Fascinating for sure!


2 Responses

  1. our farmers market starts next weekend! i can’t wait to go!

  2. Awesome! Glad you had such a nice trip, Debbie.

    Loved the tidbit about the wind turbines. I hadn’t heard that beore.

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